Best Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs

The global health and beauty industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. According to recent data from Statista, eye cosmetics were the largest segment of the cosmetics care market globally as of 2023, with a revenue of $23.5 billion. Meanwhile, the smallest segment was the nail cosmetics segment, which had a $10.6 billion revenue.

As a multi-billion dollar market, the demand for health and beauty products is always there. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to find the best health and beauty affiliate programs that pay well to promote their products and services.

We have saved you the hard work by compiling a list of the 21 best health and beauty affiliate programs in the world. Continue reading to find out more about these programs and what they have to offer.

What are health affiliate programs?

What are health affiliate programs?

Globally, health and beauty brands use affiliate programs to get referrals from affiliate marketers. As remuneration for promoting their products and services, the affiliate is rewarded with a commission on the sales they generate.

There are health and beauty affiliate programs that are dedicated to a single brand or company, and the respective products they sell. On the other hand, there are more general affiliate networks that work with multiple brands and companies, which gives you access to a wider range of products to promote.

How to be successful as a health and beauty affiliate?

While there is no set rule to succeed, there are certain steps that will help you become successful faster. If you wish to achieve as a health and beauty affiliate, here are some of the things you can do.

  • Create and develop a niche-specific website or start a blog about beauty and health topics.
  • Come up with a lead magnet to give away for free in exchange for email addresses, allowing you to build your private list of potential customers.
  • Create social media pages to further build your audience, create awareness, and drive traffic to your site.
  • Build relations using your social media accounts by entering discussions and personally interacting with people interested in beauty and health products.
  • Become unique by offering a unique voice or viewpoint.

Affiliate marketing strategies for health and fitness

Affiliate marketing strategies for health and fitness

There are various strategies you can use to boost your affiliate marketing of health and beauty products. Here are some ideas you can employ.

  • Text Links

The first strategy to consider is the use of basic links. Yes, the humble text link should not be underestimated. As a health and beauty blogger, you can use your affiliate links to the product whenever you mention the beauty or health product in your content.

By using text links, you ensure that you don’t disrupt the reading of the text while making it possible for your audience to click to find out more and proceed to make a purchase. Simple text links, when implemented correctly can deliver exceptional results.

In the case of a listicle, you should include the links to the product pages of the various products you are marketing. When describing the various products, you can include links to redirect your audience to where they can purchase the products or services.

  • Buy Now Links

This strategy involves using links to enable your audience to buy your health and beauty products. The links can be included at the end of your article or your social media posts, leading your readers to where they can take action.

The purchase links can be embedded in a line of text directing them to a particular website. You can also include other details, such as the prices, to give them more context about the products and services. Try to use “call to action” anchor text, for example: Buy XYZ Now, Go to Checkout, etc.

  • Banner Ads

With banner ads, you can market your beauty and health products and services on your website. The banner ads can be placed on your homepage, throughout your articles and social media posts, inside your sidebar, or at the end of each post. You need to look at the various options to determine the best one that suits your site.

Once again, the placement of the ads can have a huge impact on performance, so be sure to test different positions and track the results. It is also important that not only are the banners attractive, but the text is just as important, especially the CTA (call-to-action).

How to select health affiliate programs?

How to select health affiliate programs?

The health industry is a vast one, and there are hundreds of affiliate programs available to marketers. However, as a marketer, you need to be able to distinguish between genuine ones and scam programs.

Here are a few tips to aid you in selecting the best health products affiliate programs:

  • High-profile influencers

An easy way to find high-ticket affiliate programs is to check out which products and services the high-profile health and wellness influencers promote. This is because influencers use their personal brand to make money, which means they need to be very careful about the affiliate programs they promote.

You can use this as a litmus test to determine the products that are from trustworthy and safe merchants. However, just because a well-known influencer works with a particular product or affiliate program, it does not guarantee success.

  • Balance of conversions and commission

As a beauty and health affiliate, you can determine the best products to promote by looking at what they offer. The best affiliate programs offer a reasonable commission per sale and conversion rate.

You have to look beyond the high-commission products as some of them might be hard to sell. You need to look at the products that have a high conversion rate, as your audience doesn’t really know (or care) about what commissions you are making. They only care about their needs and how to meet them. Hence, your products should focus on your audience and solve their pain points.

Before settling on a health and beauty affiliate program, ask them for more information about each offer, such as conversion rates, EPCs, best geos, and even which banners and landing pages are performing best. Having this information upfront will help you short-circuit the process to get your marketing started and to be more focused.

21 Best Affiliate Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs

1.    Algo-Affiliates

Algo-Affiliates is a leading performance affiliate network. Over the past few years, we have grown our range of niches and affiliate offers to include a wide range of health and beauty products.

Algo-Affiliates, focuses on the details, and its commitment has always been to build partnerships that would ensure our affiliate marketers earn well from a wide range of niches.

A vibrant team ensures that all elements you will need, including banners, landing pages, mailers, and sales funnels are perfectly optimized to deliver results for you, always.

In addition to health and beauty affiliate offers, Algo affiliate network have a wide range of products in other areas too, including finance, home improvement, dating, digital products, and more. Hence, allowing you to offer your audience thousands of excellent products whenever you wish.

the Network has numerous marketing tools and skilled affiliate managers to help you boost your earnings, making Algo-Affiliates the ideal health and beauty affiliate program for you. In terms of commissions, Algo- Affiliates provide some of the highest in the industry, and timely payments are a guarantee.

2.    Stila Cosmetics Affiliate Program

The second program on our list is Stila. Stila Cosmetics is one of the leading makeup manufacturing companies founded by Jeanine Lobell, a celebrity makeup artist. Since its relaunch in 2009, Stila has become popular among women as it sells a wide range of beauty products, including eyeliners, blushes, and shimmering lipsticks.

The company’s relaunch in 2009 saw it re-focus on e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Anyone can join the Stila Cosmetics Affiliate Program via Viglink or CJ Affiliate. The company offers free shipping for every order over $50, which helps close sales.

With a cookie duration of 60 days, you have enough time for your prospects to convert into customers and earn your commission in the process. However, the commission of just 6% on sales is a little low compared to other programs. Regardless, with a large catalogue of products available, you can earn decent passive income for your efforts.

3.    Natural Revenue

Natural Revenue is the affiliate program for 500Cosmetics. 500Cosmetics is a leading company in the beauty industry. The company focuses on online sales of cosmetics, wellness technology, and health services.

They provide products with competitive advantages, making them one of the top brands in the health and beauty industry. Affiliates earn as much as 30% on every sale, making Natural Revenue one of the leading health and beauty affiliate programs in the world. The cookie duration is 180 days, which is higher than what many affiliate programs offer.

4.    Fitbit Health Affiliate Program

This is one of the best health-related affiliate programs in the world. Fitbit is a leading company that developed a wearable device. The device tracks the level of activeness of a user, what they eat, and the quality of their sleep.

As one of the leading health and wellness affiliate programs, you can take advantage of the fact that an increasing percentage of people now shop online instead of offline. The company’s ‘Network Earnings’ score shows that the Fitbit fitness trackers are sold online by the thousands.

The commission rate currently stands at 3%, which is relatively small compared to the other affiliate marketing health products.

However, with an available market, you can still earn a decent income by promoting Fitbit products. The cookie duration of 15 days doesn’t do the platform many favours but thanks to the brand’s strength, the products almost sell themselves.

5.    MoreNiche

This is another popular affiliate program for the health niche. The platform serves a wide range of customers in the health and wellness categories. MoreNiche works with various health and wellness companies, giving you a wide range of products to market to your audience. Some of the products available on the platform include weight loss programs and several others.

The conversion rate of roughly 7.4% indicates that there is a demand for products on the MoreNiche platform. The moment you start earning on MoreNiche, the team assigns you a manager tasked with helping you. With a commission rate of 40%, you can easily make thousands of dollars promoting health and beauty products with MoreNiche.

The company has a lifetime cookie window, a feature that is available with only a handful of affiliate programs. Hence, whenever your leads purchase anything, you will continue to earn into the future.

6.    Smart Nora

Smart Nora is a health affiliate platform that is super-focused on a niche: snoring. Snoring is obviously quite irritating to anyone that has to hear it, besides the negative effects for the person suffering from snoring. Disturbed sleep patterns can lead to certain health issues such as depression, high blood pressure, and eyesight issues.

The Smart Nora inflatable smart device detects snoring and then adjusts your sleeping position to stop it. The company also claims that the device can achieve this sometimes in under a week.

Smart Nora pays a 6% commission on each successful sale. The commission rate is not as high as some of the beauty affiliate programs in our list, but the Smart Nora device can be used by virtually anyone, which means you have a large market to target.

Similar to some of the programs in this list, Smart Nora also has a 30-day cookie duration, giving ample time for conversion and earning money.

7.    Physician’s Choice

If you are looking for an affiliate program to promote dietary and natural health supplements, then Physicians Choice is for you. The platform offers a wide range of dietary and natural health supplements designed for people who wish to curb their reliance on prescription medications and live healthier lives.

With Physician’s Choice, you can promote various supplements for those interested in losing weight, sleeping better, looking younger, or just feeling better in general. This market is a fast-growing one, and Physicians Choice has the products you need to market.


Physicians Choice pays its publishers as high as 25% commission on recurring sales, a percentage that is higher than what you find on most platforms. With a cookie duration of 60 days, there is time for leads to be nurtured and converted.


8.    Sephora

In the beauty industry, Sephora is one of the top affiliate programs you can partner with. The company adopted an omnichannel marketing approach and was one of the first to use VR technology and m-commerce.

Sephora’s affiliate program is partnered with e-commerce giants Rakuten, Impact, and Sovrn, giving you the choice of which one you want to work with. By promoting Sephora beauty products, you can earn commissions as high as 8%.

Another exciting thing about joining this affiliate program is that you can leverage their free shipping and free sample offers in your content for any brand you choose. This could help you attract more leads and hopefully more sales.

Sephora accepts affiliate marketers only after a manual review process. After gaining access to the program, you will have access to affiliate-exclusive promotions and content.

9.    Ulta Beauty

As the largest beauty retailer in the United States, you are never short of products you can promote with Ulta Beauty. Ulta Beauty is one of the major competitors of Sephora. They offer a wide range of beauty products and have millions of followers on their social media platforms.

The commission rate on Ulta Beauty currently stands at 10%, which is higher than what you get on Sephora. Ulta Beauty partners with various networks. However, a key drawback of Ulta Beauty is that the cookie duration is not clearly disclosed.

The wide range of products and brands available on Ulta Beauty makes it easy for you to promote to your audience. In addition to that, Ulta Beauty offers its customers a 2-hour in-store pickup, free shipping, free gifts, coupon codes, affiliate specials, and several other features.

10.Market Health

Market Health is another affiliate network dedicated to the beauty and health industry. The company currently manufactures, owns, and operates numerous health supplements and natural skin care products. As a Market Health affiliate, you will have access to promote more than 100 of its products.

The large number of products available on the platform gives you more opportunities to bring in potential customers. Market Health has one of the biggest commission rates amongst the best health and beauty affiliate programs.

Any time you promote one of their products, you stand to earn as much as 60% commission per sale. The cookie duration of 30 days will give you further motivation to drive as many leads as possible and earn high commissions.

Furthermore, if you happen to make 20 or more sales in a day, you have the opportunity to negotiate special commission rates and payment terms. Market Health pays its affiliates twice a month and has a $20 minimum payout amount.


Dermstore is a leading retailer that focuses on skincare products. The products on Dermstore are usually only available from a dermatologist. If you are a marketer looking to promote skincare products, then the Dermstore affiliate program is an excellent choice for you.

The commission ranges from 2% (return customers) to 15% (new customers). Dermstore is partnered with Skimlinks, CJ Affiliate, and Sovrn.

However, you should be aware that most of Dermstore’s market is concentrated in the United States at the moment. Regardless, with a large catalog of products, you can target a broad range of potential customers. The cookie duration of 30 days is decent and should be sufficient time for conversions.

12.Life Line Screening

This is an affiliate program, unlike the others, we have discussed so far. The affiliate programs we have discussed so far focus on selling products. However, Life Line Screening focuses on selling services.

Life Line Screening provides preventive health screening. The screening can help people pinpoint health problems in their early stages. Although annual checkups are necessary, many of us get caught up with life and forget to do so.

By promoting Life Line Screening, you are giving your audience the opportunity to select from a wide range of screening options. The available options include ultrasound, blood tests, or limited EKG. The company offers at least 15 health checks in various areas such as heart disease and cancer.

Due to the importance of health checkups, the Life Line Screening affiliate program should be one that marketers can take advantage of and give a unique edge to your wellness marketing.

Marketers can earn as much as $90 in commission for every referral. It also has a 60-day cookie duration, giving enough time to convince your audience that they need to go for a health check.


SellHealth has been around since 2001 and is one of the leading health affiliate programs in the world. Over the years, the program has paid its marketers over $50 million in commissions and considers itself one of the leading high-converting health and wellness affiliate programs.

As one of the oldest affiliate programs in the health and wellness sector, SellHealth offers marketers a wide array of health products to promote. At the moment, SellHealth currently has more than a dozen of exclusive affiliate offers in various niches. The products focus on areas such as skin care products, anti-ageing beauty products, and solutions to sexual health problems.

When you register as a new affiliate marketer, you will earn a commission of 30% per sale. However, as you make more sales on the platform, your commission increases by 40%. As your sales increase, it rises to 50%. By the time you start selling products regularly, you can earn as high as $350 per successful referral. The cookie duration on SellHealth varies for each offer.


Similar to some of the programs we have discussed above, NutriProfits allow you to promote a wide range of health products. The company’s affiliate program offers a wide range of health products in the health and wellness space. The niches they focus on include skin care, weight, and hair loss.

The commission rate on NutriProfits is a generous 40% per successful sale. In addition to that, NutriProfits can pay you in four currencies; US dollars, British pounds, euro, and Polish złoty.

Another excellent feature of NutriProfits is the lifetime cookie window it offers. This means that you can earn a commission even when your lead purchases their products months after you have referred them. All returning customers are linked to you forever.


This is one of the most exciting affiliate programs on this list. What makes it an interesting health affiliate program is the varying commission rates. While most health and beauty affiliate programs have fixed commission rates, HealthTrader offers varying commission rates based on the affiliate offers.

HealthTrader has a cookie duration of 90 days, which is super generous. This means that you can continue to earn a commission for up to 3 months after referring someone.

The commission rate on HealthTrader varies from as low as 13% to as high as 60% on some offers. In addition to these, HealthTrader supports more than 30 currencies, including the popular ones like the US dollar, British pounds, and the euro, to the less popular ones like the Indian rupee and the Japanese yen. Hence, making it a global health and beauty affiliate program.

16.MAC Cosmetics

If you are a beauty blogger, then you would definitely know about MAC Cosmetics. It is one of the leading beauty brands around the world and focuses on selling its own products. The company is known for its sleek packaging, innovation, and high-quality ingredients.

As a global beauty affiliate network, MAC Cosmetics has partnered with some e-commerce and affiliate platforms, including Rakuten, Sovrn, and Skimlinks. Despite its popularity, the commission rate on MAC Cosmetics is below what some of its competitors are offering.

Affiliate marketers can earn as high as 10% commission per sale, which is low considering some beauty affiliate networks are offering 30-40%. Furthermore, the cookie duration of seven days is also poor.

However, you can easily promote MAC Cosmetics products on your beauty blog, Pinterest, and Instagram account to enable you to reach a larger audience.


E.L.F is another health brand that focuses on manufacturing and selling quality, professional-grade cosmetics to everyone regardless of budget. While its products can be found in leading retail outlets like Target and Walmart, the company also seeks to appeal to the digital crowd via its online store.

Their products are affordable as some of them are below $20. This means that you can target a broader audience when marketing their products. They claim that their products have sustainable, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free features.

In terms of commissions, you can earn as high as 12% per sale, which is lower than what you can find on some beauty affiliate programs. The cookie duration is 15 days, which doesn’t give much time to convert the leads. However, with the large catalogue of cheap but classy products available on E.L.F., you can earn a reasonable income by promoting them.

18.SunDaily Skincare Affiliate Program

If you have an audience that desires healthy skin and hair, then the SunDaily Skincare affiliate program is an excellent option for you. The program allows you to promote a wide range of skincare products to your audiences.

While most of its competitors manufacture products with topical applications, SunDaily focuses on manufacturing ingestible skincare products, such as gummies. If you join this affiliate program, you stand to earn $50 for every referral that results in a sale.

The SunDaily Skincare products are unique, which makes them even more interesting for your audience. You can promote the products on your blog, social media platforms, and Pinterest. However, a huge drawback of this affiliate program is its limited cookie duration of only 15 days.


Obesity is a real problem globally. However, we now have a wide range of products and other health regimens designed to help people lose weight. If you are looking for an affiliate program that allows people to make money when they lose weight, HealthyWage is the right option for you. The system works by allowing people to place a bet on how much weight they can lose.

As the users wager more money, the higher the earning possibility, and this incentivizes them to lose more weight and hit their targets. Users can bet up to $995 monthly. You can promote HealthyWage services via ShareASale.

The commission structure of this program pays marketers to promote two major products; HealthyWage (this is the product designed for solo contestants) and Team Challenge (for teams). As an affiliate marketer, you can earn roughly $50 when you sell the individual package and $30 for the Team Challenge for each person you sign up for it.

The cookie period on this platform is 30 days, giving you ample time to do some remarketing. The program pays marketers via direct deposit, checks, and Payoneer.

HealthyWage gives you access to a wide range of resources, such as banner ads and text links, to help you drive sales and earn more commission.


This is a beauty subscription box delivered monthly for beauty followers and enthusiasts. The platform focuses on encouraging customers to explore and try new products while limiting their price exposure.

Subscriptions on this platform vary between $21 (for a month) to $210 (for a year paid upfront). When it comes to resources, this beauty affiliate program gives you the necessary ones, including banners, text links, and even custom-made marketing materials.

You stand to earn as high as $30 commission per successful sale on the Sovrn network or up to 8% per sale when you use CJ Affiliate. The 30-day cookie duration is also a generous one for affiliate marketers.

21.The Vitamin Shoppe

This company is known for selling numerous nutritional supplements, vitamins, and minerals. While it has a very dominant online presence, The Vitamin Shoppe also has a dedicated app, and the products are available at hundreds of physical stores across the United States. The company also supplies natural beauty products and several others.

The Vitamin Shoppe partnered with CJ Affiliates for its affiliate program. However, with a commission rate of 1%, it is perhaps the lowest amongst the top beauty and health affiliate programs on our list.

You can be paid using various payment options including check, direct deposit, or Payoneer. The cookie duration of seven days is also poor as it doesn’t give leave much time to convert the leads. If you intend to gain more leads using paid ads, keep in mind that The Vitamin Shoppe forbids brand name bidding. Hence, you will be required to use generic names.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate programs provide an excellent avenue to make money on your health or beauty blog or social media platform. The range of health and beauty affiliate offers that you can promote is massive, giving you a bigger audience to monetize. The health, beauty, and wellness space is growing rapidly and by working with the best health and beauty affiliate programs, you will be positioned for success!


  1. Where are the best places to promote my beauty and health affiliate products?

There are numerous places where you can promote your affiliate offers. However, some of the best channels to consider are YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, beauty blogs, podcasts, email newsletters, Facebook, and of course your website or blog.

  1. What should I look for in a health and beauty affiliate program?

Some of the things to look at when choosing a program include the product selection, cookie duration, the commission rate, and the payment model. You need to study these options before making a decision on the affiliate programs to go with.

  1. Can I make good profits from my beauty or health blog?

Yes, you can. As a multi-billion-dollar industry, the potential is huge. While the commission rates adopted by some of these programs are not that high, the large audience you can possibly reach can make up for it, allowing you to earn good money in the process.

How much profit you make will depend on many factors, like how much time, effort, and resources you invest. Start small and keep testing marketing techniques until you find what gives the best returns. Then, start to scale up and expand. A smart and methodical approach will yield the best ROI.

  1. Can I promote other products on my health and beauty blog, or should I stay focused?

When you say, “other products”, we assume things not related to health and beauty. If so, when it comes to marketing, the more focused and targeted the audience, the better the results. For example, if your audience cares about cosmetics, it might not be ideal to start promoting forex trading to them.

While the temptation to plaster your blog with all unrelated affiliate offers in the hopes of catching a few fish is enticing, it will do more harm than good.