About us

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people

Steve Jobs

Who we are

Algo-Affiliates is a team of energetic and passionate performance marketers who are driven to achieve more. Algo-Affiliates started its humble beginnings with a handful of likeminded marketing and finance professionals who realized they could do it bigger and better that what was out there. Through hard work, innovation, attention to detail and sheer determination, Algo-Affiliates has cemented itself as a leading affiliate network. With the perfect blend of skills, talent, experience and technology, we consistently deliver high volumes of top performing traffic. We believe that true success comes from collaboration, communication, teamwork and most importantly, sharing in the rewards. When everyone in the chain is fulfilled and rewarded, success comes naturally.

Our technology

Being a successful performance marketer requires time and investment to not only find the best offers, but to consistently test and optimize them. At Algo-Affiliates, we know from first-hand experience how challenging this can be, but we also know that with the right technology, we can work smarter and achieve more. One of the keys to our success and our partners’ success, is our proprietary, self-optimizing technology that makes sure the perfect offer reaches the optimal audience at the best time. Based on our in-house developed algorithms, our technology is like having a dedicated performance marketing expert sitting right by your side 24/7/365 that analyzes every click and visitor and constantly optimizes in real-time, to drive more conversions, more often.

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