Atlas VPN TM

Atlas VPN TM Description 

  • Secure, fast, limitless browsing is possible NOW! 
  • Online security is not a privilege but a right every user deserves to be given. The recent birth of hackers has given leverage to snooping.
  • Here comes the central role of atlas VPN as it masks a user’s IP address while protecting it from Internet restrictions and other censorship. 
  • Atlas VPN tm also employs the cutting-edge WireGuard tunneling system and has its headquarters in the United States. 
  • More than 750 servers located in 37 different nations are available to users. They can all unblock Netflix and other popular streaming sites in addition to torrenting.

Atlas VPN TM – Technical Details 

  • Rank #9 out of 231 providers
  • Website:
  • Countries Supported: 37+
  • Servers: 750+
  • Netflix: Yes
  • Torrenting” Yes
  • Support Email, tickets, FAQ
  • Logs: No-logs policy
  • Price: From $1.83/month
  • Free version or trial: Yes

The Real Perks Of Atlas VPN tm

  • Allows access to a variety of blocked streaming services
  • Internet content filters are included.
  • Communication using the WireGuard® protocol
  • Support in real time
  • Free version with a 30-day money-back guarantee and built-in 2-factor authentication

Atlas VPN tm: The Download Guide 

  • Step 1: Hop on to the atlas VPN website and click the “grab a deal” option. 
  • Step 2: You have a variety of subscription plans, to begin with. The plus point is these plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Step 3: Further, find the option of proceeding to proceed with your selected plan. 
  • Step 4: Proceed with the process of account creation. It asks for basic details like name, contact, and payment details. 
  • Step 5: Click on the “purchase now” option and begin the process opf app’s installation. 
  • Step 6: Once the process of installation is completed, follow the instructions for quick signup. 
  • Step 7: Congrats, you have now officially signed in and are eligible to make full use of all the atlas VPN services. 

More Information about Atlas vpn tm

If you’re just getting started with VPNs, Atlas VPN serves as an excellent choice. This mobile-first VPN service is packed with useful extras like high-grade encryption, lightning-fast connections, native applications for all major platforms, and a free version that’s just as good as the paid one.

It also does a fantastic job at unblocking popular streaming sites like Netflix as well as BBC iPlayer, shielding you from annoying ads as you surf the web, and ensuring that no sensitive information has been compromised.

Atlas VPN is a leading option among accessible VPN services. It’s a top-notch, reasonably priced service that allows for top performance and doesn’t cap the number of connections users can have at once.

Why Atlas VPN TM is a MUST? 

The motto of atlas VPN is to aware audiences of their rights in terms of digitalization. On the same side, they strive to facilitate users with options to have full-fledged control over their digital life. 

  • The Uncanny Speed 

Hustling from lowered internet connectivity due to VPN installation? Atlas VPN tm completely understands your concern, the options of kill switch, data breach monitor, and safebrowse are at your service, serving the fastest yet secure browsing. 

Baseline: 300 Mbps download/300 Mbps upload

  • Unblocking Netflix 

Is Netflix unavailable in your region? Have the subscription fees gone in vain? Atlas VPN tm has got yiu all covered with the option of unlocking 11 Netflix libraries. 

  • Versatile Streaming 

The modified codes opf atlas VPN have unblocked most of the popular restricted sites. Now users can have access to all their favourite news channels to entertainment channels. 

  • Kill Switch

What if the VPN fails? Worry not, Atlas VPN has a kill switch for all apps. Thankfully, it is also offered in a freemium form. 

The “Always-on VPN” function is included in Android and can be activated by users.

  • Tunneling Protocols

Atlas VPN employs the same Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit cypher used by governments and banks worldwide. 

n addition, it uses ChaCha20-Poly1305 for enhanced performance in mobile programs. Those who utilize the Atlas VPN can rest assured knowing that both cyphers are nearly impossible to crack.

  • Ultimate Security

If you’re concerned about your data’s safety and privacy while using the internet, Atlas VPN is indeed a solid option. 

This service provider has top-tier security features including a kill switch and stringent leak prevention place. 

Atlas VPN tm supports a no-logs guarantee that nullifies the potential effect of its US jurisdiction.

  • No IP, DNS, or WebRTC Leaks

When using Atlas VPN, your data will never be leaked across IPv6, DNS, or WebRTC. It’s hard to tell how effective their leak security is, but throughout tests, neither their physical location nor their IP address came up in any searches.

Because Atlas VPN’s leak prevention is always enabled, you won’t need to change any of your current settings to maintain your gadget secure.

The Pricing & Planning Model 

When compared to other VPN providers, Atlas VPN is surprisingly affordable. Plus, there is no limit to the number of people that can use the service at once.

      Version                  Price

  • 1-month plan     $10.99/month
  • 1-year plan     $3.29/month
  • 2-year plan       $1.64/month

Cards, Google Pay, plus PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, as well as QIWI, are accepted as payment methods.

Atlas VPN Free Version

The free version of atlas VPN is surely one free thing you wouldn’t take for granted. Though it comes with a data limit of 5GB and might not be a solid entertainer for users who love to enjoy browsing hours. 

Being the ultimate value king,  the free version is accessible in three main locations including; L.A., NYC & Amsterdam. 

System Compatibility:

  • Platform Experience
  • Android    –   Great application, very easy to use
  • iOS      –      The same as the Android one
  • Windows    –     Some connection errors, built-in 2FA
  • macOS     –      macOS Similar to Windows, but runs smoother
  • Linux      –      No GUI, works through a terminal

Altogether, atlas VPN is your legal proxy to witness the limited realms and demands for an installation NOW!

About Atlas VPN TM Affiliate Program

The Atlas VPN  tm CPA Affiliate Program offers competitive commission rates. When it comes to virtual private network (VPN) services that allow users to access regionally restricted content, Atlas VPN is among the best.

You may be sure that the Atlas VPN Offer will appeal to your regular Internet-using audience. Access one of the top VPN services for your site’s users by joining the Atlas VPN Affiliate Program. Utilize your website to earn affiliate commission with Atlas VPN.

FAQs -Atlas VPN TM

  • Is Atlas VPN TM legitimate?

You can feel safe using Atlas VPN. In terms of security, it has all the basics covered, with a no-logs rule, AES encoding, and a trustworthy kill switch.

  • Is Atlas VPN TM not free anymore?

If you’ve never tried a VPN before but are interested in learning more, Atlas VPN is a great option. The free version has robust encryption, while the paid version has that plus the ability to unblock Netflix and other services.

The price range for Atlas VPN’s premium subscription model is between $10.99 (monthly) to $69.99 (yearly) (3-year subscription).

  • Is Atlas VPN TM safe for Torrenting?

Atlas VPN is suitable for torrenting because it allows P2P file sharing on both its paid and free tiers. Atlas VPN collects device-specific data despite its “no logs” policy, which may be a cause for worry while torrenting.

  • Is Atlas VPN TM better than Nord VPN?

Both NordVPN and AtlasVPN offer a special type of server known as Double VPN (or MultiHop) that encrypts communication by sending it to and from different locations. Atlas VPN is more cost-effective than NordVPN in most respects. However, for the price, it’s hard to beat this all-around program for streaming and cyber safety.