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If you plan on getting a loan, you must have a good credit score. Lenders often analyze applicants’ credit histories and FICO scores before extending any loan.

If your credit report is ambiguous and has long pages of your credit history that the lender has to scroll through, you’re not going to get a loan. Therefore, you must strive for obtaining an interactive credit report that gives a positive impression on the lender. Here comes the SmartCredit app! Unlike the traditional credit report style, the SmartCredit report has good readability and user-friendliness. 

SmartCredit App – An Overview

A horizontal-styled credit report with action buttons is innovative and allows credit monitoring for 24 hours. Along with your credit score, it also takes care of your identity protection. Users can easily detect fraud from their cell phones and take appropriate action. SmartCredit’s features to each individual’s credit history help people save time, money, and stress in the long run.

Monthly Pricing Policy

Let’s move on to the fees associated with utilizing the SmartCredit app. The site offers both free-of-cost and paid memberships.

  • Basic: This plan costs you $19.95 per month and offers two monthly updates to your credit report with unlimited access to ScoreBuilder, Credit Monitoring, ScoreTracker, ScoreBoost, and Money Manager. There are a total of five credit-based activities you may do every single month.
  • Premium: If you select a premium membership, you’ll pay $27.95 per month. You’ll get unlimited credit actions, credit report updates, and score updates.

All three credit bureau reports, scores, and a million dollars worth of identity theft protection are available to you at your convenience with any membership tier.

The theft insurance is only effective after activation. It’s risk-free to try SmartCredit for seven days. There will be no charges incurred for cancellations made during the first seven days. Should you decide to cancel after the first seven days, you will be responsible for any costs accrued up to the date of cancellation.

How To You Use SmartCredit?

SmartCredit offers a variety of features. Let’s delve deep into it.:

  • The SmartCredit membership comes with access to VantageScore 3.0.2.
  • It’s helpful to obtain an idea of your credit standing using this number, but keep in mind that the lender can use a different number.
  • Different types of credit scores, such as those for cars, insurance, and jobs, make it simple to evaluate your financial condition. It’s possible that this is the most complete collection of ratings offered by any one service.
  • As an added bonus, the ScoreBoost future score simulator allows you to estimate how much your credit score might rise after taking certain actions, such as having a debt eliminated through a goodwill letter.
  • When you sign up for SmartCredit, you’ll also get access to a few more applications, such as the Jean Chatzky ScoreBuilder, which promises to raise your credit score by 100 points in only four months, and the Debt Negotiator system, which assists you to negotiate lower interest rates and shorter repayment terms with your creditors.
  •  If an affiliate uses a special link or coupon code, they may also get signups via their existing network and word of mouth. The most profitable affiliates already have an established audience or clientele, although this is by no means necessary.

How Can You Become An Affiliate?

To become an affiliate in most programs, you must first submit an application. Questions about the applicant’s marketing plan, target demographic, and social media following are common. This may lead the corporation to do extensive research on the affiliate to ensure a good fit. Before becoming an affiliate, check whether the affiliate program is worth the money. Most affiliate schemes do not charge any money to join or apply.

Affiliates are free to choose which advertisements (banners or otherwise) to include on their sites. The amount of traffic they drive to the site and the affiliate payout will heavily influence their final selection.

Sign Up For The SmartCredit Affiliate Program Now!

Join ConsumerDirect’s SmartCredit Affiliate Program and become a trusted advocate for the SmartCredit brand. You may sign up for SmartCredit using a personalized link provided by ConsumerDirect.

Affiliates get recurring commissions each month for as long as their preferred customers keep using SmartCredit. A potential buyer clicks on the affiliate’s special link. ScoreTracker, ScoreBuilder, ScoreMaster, and other critical features and tools make it possible for the client to see their reports and scores.

SmartCredit is exceptional because it provides the affiliate’s consumers with three potent resources. There are also elements that help them manage their money and credit more easily.

With ScoreMaster, you get access to the only program of its type. The typical user sees a 61-point rise in their credit score in just more than a month. Users may monitor the effects of payments and expenditures on their credit score, allowing them to strategically seek new credit. Users may see all three bureaus’ reports and user scores in one convenient location.

The 120-day plan isn’t the only feature that Scorebuilder offers. Each user’s strategy is tailored to their own credit situation and the factors that are either helping or hindering their score. The user is able to observe the derogatory comments that are affecting their score and respond accordingly. ScoreTracker also provides a comprehensive analysis of how various scores might fluctuate over time. The user may then get a clearer picture of their development.


SmartCredit offers

SmartCredit offers a unique perspective on your credit report that’s simple to grasp. While the $19.95 price tag is similar to that of a credit report and score from an agency, SmartCredit provides access to a great deal more data. Having the opportunity to swiftly and instantly publish via the app is a good feature, even though you can finish contact with your creditors using templates you discover on the internet or letters you make on your own.

SmartCredit’s premium fee may not be justified if you simply require access to your credit report and ratings since there is no cheaper version available. SmartCredit has several useful options for people seeking credit reporting and management software.

FAQs About Credit Monitoring Affiliate Programs

  • 1. What company is SmartCredit?

A product of ConsumerDirect, SmartCredit ensures long-term financial security and growth, combining your cash and credit into a single, easy-to-use location.

  • 2. How does SmartCredit work?

You can protect yourself from identity theft by tracking not just your credit reports but also your day-to-day credit and financial activities using SmartCredit services. The information included in your credit report is similar to a report card for your financial performance over time.

  • 3. How much is SmartCredit per month?

It offers two packages, i.e. basic, and premium. The basic package costs you $19.95 and the premium membership charges $27.95.

  • 4. Does SmartCredit show FICO scores?

When you sign up for SmartCredit®, you’ll have access to your score and detailed information on the factors that have a negative impact on your score.  To give you an idea, the minimum available credit score is 300, and the highest is 850. A higher score indicates less of a risk to lending money.

There is also some variation in credit ratings across different scoring models like Vantage and FICO 8. When using SmartCredit, you will not be able to see your FICO score. While VantageScore and other scoring methods might be helpful, they don’t provide the score that will be most important to potential lenders.