Rebag Affiliate Program

Why Is Joining the Rebag Affiliate Program A Wise Decision? 

Purses are typically the last thing that comes to mind whenever we are putting together an outfit. Imagine going to the trouble of getting dressed in heels, a blazer, plus high-waisted trousers, but instead of completing the appearance with a modern pocketbook that follows the latest trends in handbags, you complete it off by carrying an old bag that’s ten years old and has an ugly pen blot on it.

Now, perhaps you are a bit terrified, either because the hoarding behaviour described earlier disgusts you or just because you perceive yourself and don’t like what you see. Either way, it’s possible that you feel this way. Rebag is an up-and-coming website that sells previously owned luxury handbags, and it caters to shoppers of all stripes, including those with a penchant for bargain hunting.

Rebag has its eyes set on reselling secondhand premium conditioned purses, handbags and other accessories. And trust us they are pretty good at it. Without waiting any further let us dive straight into the main algorithms to learn about Rebag and its affiliate program. 

What is ReBag?

Rebag NYC is an eCommerce fashion platform founded in New York City that reimagines the concept of “Endless Luxury” online. It is one of the most popular online secondhand businesses.

The website caters to luxury consumers by acting as a market for purchasing, selling, and trading luxury goods such as handbags, timepieces, jewellery, and other accessories. Rebag provides you with the opportunity to purchase as high or as low as you want, even though it offers a large range of items, including Louis Vuitton to Gucci. This enables customers to the thrift shop and bargain hunt the web to their heart’s content.

Rebag provides a large selection of luxurious accessories available to meet your needs, regardless of whether you prefer “retail therapy,” also known as “fast and easy shopping,” or the full-body sensation of “retail therapy.” 

In addition to making a concerted effort to throw up the doors of premium brands to its clientele, Rebag is dedicated to providing customers with stunning goods that can be obtained at prices that are both reasonable and environmentally friendly.

How Does Rebag List Items For The Sale?

The authenticity of Rebag is an essential component of our screening procedure. Before an item can be approved by Rebag and put up for sale on their website, it must first be subjected to an in-house multilayered review by the authentication specialists. 

-If you make a purchase of an item and a confirmed authenticator later determines that the item is not authentic, Rebag will offer a full refund on the bag provided that it is returned.

-Every item is subjected to a multi-step, in-person inspection that is carried out by Rebag’s in-house team of specialists who have more than 100 years of combined industry expertise.

-Since 2014, Rebag has already been buying and selling handbags from its location in New York City. They have amassed hundreds of millions of items, which has helped them become one of the most successful online retailers in the world. 

-Rebag verifies each item and allows customers to return their purchases within 7 days for any reason.

The Pricing & Consumer Reviews To Know

You can choose to shop at Rebag either online or at one of their many stores located across the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

In general, it appears that the vast majority of consumers are happy with the quality or shape of the bags they purchase. However, this does not mean that there are not ever any customers that are dissatisfied. Even if there are some lapses in quality here and there, the vast majority of customers appear to be happy.

When it comes to the prices of individual bags, these can range anywhere from a few hundred to just a few thousand dollars, depending on the manufacturer and style of the bag.

In addition to providing clear pricing information for each item, they also provide a description of the state of each bag directly below the cost (from Fair to Pristine). Affirm is an additional financing option that is provided by Rebag.

Pricing information for second-hand clothing sales is typically kept secret in the normal course of events. Clair is an artificial intelligence that can calculate prices and is the most recent way of price estimation that Rebag has introduced.

The Legitimacy Rate Of Rebag

Absolutely, Rebag is a legitimate business. Rebag is the most successful reseller of premium handbags and accessories. The company was established in 2014. They offer a no-haggle pricing policy, which makes it easier to trade your bags without needing to go through the trouble of negotiating rates. The company also has a staff of professionals who authenticate and evaluate each bag that comes in.

Why Should You Join the Rebag Affiliate Program?

Joining Rebag’s affiliate programme requires individuals who are at the forefront of fashion and are innovators and influencers in the fields of fashion, aesthetics and all things related to luxury. Spread your enthusiasm about Rebag and you’ll be eligible to receive commissions if one of your followers makes a purchase.

The Advantages Of Becoming A Member :

  • Commission Percentage: 7% (3% if transaction > $2,500 USD, $423 if transaction > $14,123 if order > $2,500 USD) on new client orders
  • A high conversion rate in addition to an average order value of $1,800 (and sometimes even up to $20,000).
  • 15 days cookie lifespan
  • Daily updates to the product feed
  • A dedicated ambassador coordinator who is there to support you at all times


Rebag is not affiliated with any particular brand in any way. Rebag is not liable for any of the products sold by a brand, and the brands do not promise the genuineness of the items that are offered for sale. Only Rebag is authorized to issue authenticity certificates for its customers purchases.

The Final Thoughts 

Despite the fact that it has some flaws, such as a stringent refund policy and the odd slide in the quality of product, Rebag is currently one of the major eCommerce sites due to its up-and-coming technology innovations and fashion-forward philosophy. 

Not only is it a fantastic location to shop, but you can also sell your high-end handbags and accessories there, making it a double-win situation!

Additionally, it would appear that this company is quite reliable. In addition to a 7-day refund policy for whatever the reason may be, all of their goods are subjected to a comprehensive assessment by their in-house specialists.

Find some luxury at a price you can afford at Rebag, whether you’re looking for Gucci or just a good deal. Rebag is the place to go!

FAQs On Rebag Affiliate Program 

  • What percentage does Rebag pay?

For sales at or below $4,000 USD, Rebag’s affiliate program offers commissions of up to 5%.

  • Can I sell my bag to Rebag?

The Rebag app is available for download on iOS and Android devices, and when used to scan a handbag, users are presented with information on the bag’s manufacturer, specific model, and current offer from Rebag.

  • How does selling a bag on Rebag work?

The Trade system allows you to buy and sell products together and just pay the difference in price. The products you are offering to Rebag must be shipped to them or dropped at a Rebag Outlet as soon as possible after you place your order.

  • What is Rebag and how does it work?

You will be asked to submit some images and data on the state of the object. If Rebag believes that it is suitable for resale, they will provide you with an estimate for the item.