Background check Affiliate Program

Accredited, Legal & One-Stop Solution To Catch Lawbreakers Red-Handed! has two separate affiliate programs, one for the general public and one for businesses, each with its own sets of products and revenue shares. It provides customers with the ability to look up their own criminal and driving records and sells a variety of business solutions for screening potential employees, volunteers, and contractors. 

There are a wide variety of methods, from rapid and standard criminal background checks there at national, state, federal, and county levels to drug testing, driving records, job, education, and professional license verifications, and civil litigation house searches.

The Technical Details 

  • Years in Business 23 years
  • Records database:     650 million criminal records, over 20 million photos, and thousands of public records
  • BBB Rating             A+
  • Expected Outcome:    Instant to 1–3 days
  • Subscription Model Three monthly/annual packages with starting fee of $29.95
  • Renewal Policy Automatic unless cancelled on time
  • Customer Support Monday to Friday, 7:30 am–5:30 pm (CT) via live chat, email, or phone

The Potential Audience

People in the following situations might benefit greatly from using’s services:

  • Companies with a lot of openings to fill that have a large workforce
  • Companies that provide staffing services are responsible for finding and hiring suitable individuals on their client’s behalf.
  • Organizations in the manufacturing and construction industries typically have a high demand for temporary workers.
  • Groups that accept volunteers should prioritize the security of the most vulnerable among their members.
  • Establishments in the retail sector that use temporary or casual workers

Background check Affiliate Program – More Details:, one of the few founding members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, was established in 1999 in Dallas and has since grown to become one of the largest privately held background screening organizations in the country. We have received many awards for customer service and pride ourselves on the fact that all of our employees work in-house.

Contractor and vendor access portals. Facilitate a standardized, high-quality vendor and subcontractor screening procedure according to your specifications. The service is provided at no cost to the sponsor.

Why Background Check Affiliate Program?

  • Instantaneous Access to a Criminal Records Database

Databases, including such federal, state, as well as county courthouse records, are accessible based on the state in which the search is being conducted. The Sex Offender Registry, the Drug Offender Registry, or the Animal Abuse Registry are just some of the offender registries that may be available to you, depending on the laws in your state.

  • The History of Money and Credit provides access to a comprehensive credit report to help employers assess a candidate’s sense of financial responsibility. For reliable outcomes, it requests reports from a big national credit bureau.

  • To Check the Business’s Financial Records 

Background check affiliate program offers users the option to complete a form and enroll as an End Customer of Client Credit Reports for Work Purposes. The approval process can take as long as two weeks and will cost $85.

  • Drugs Testing

Employers who are interested in keeping tabs on their current staff or vetting potential hires can benefit from instituting drug testing procedures. Employers can make use of this service to place an order for a battery of tests with the company’s reputable drug-testing affiliate.

  • Driving Reports

Employees who need to drive corporate cars should get a quick motor vehicle report. This service serves as an additional layer of due diligence to make sure the applicant has a clean driving record.

  • Credential’s Evaluation 

Employers can utilize the verification of qualifications service to authenticate the information given by job applicants. If you’re conducting a background check on a potential employee, this is a crucial detail to look for. Employment, graduation, and reference dates are checked.

Why Is Background Check Affiliate Program User’s Popular Choice? has been trusted by over 100,000 people and businesses in 190 countries to find information in public records. Individuals in need of an instant background check can count on us, as can Fortune 500 businesses in search of in-depth background probes.

  • provides efficient answers through means of
  • Brief, straightforward, and understandable reports
  • An easily searchable database of approximately 650 million arrest and conviction records
  • Account Sharing
  • Modified Randomized Trials of Screening
  • Platforms for applicants to submit their own information
  • Use of Credit Cards for Transactions
  • Facilitation of Full Disclosure and Avoidance of Retaliation Act Compliance

The Pricing Model 

  • Instant Criminal+

With the promise of instant results, this package contains criminal check history, and sex offender registry inclusive of SSN validation. The total price is $29.95 for each report. 

  • Instant Criminal+ One County

As the name suggests, it covers criminal evaluation covering one whole country. The package costs $49.95. It takes a total duration of 1 to 3 days. 

  • Instant Criminal+ All Counties

The gold package covers criminal assessments in multiple countries with a total cost of $64.95 for each report, inclusive of advanced research techniques. The duration shall last from 1 to 3 days. 

  • If your company needs to check the legitimacy of a job candidate, is the way to go. 
  • If your company is searching for scalable, flexible pricing and the ability to buy in bulk, this platform is a wonderful choice. 
  • The self-service website and massive database make it a viable option for background checks. 

So don’t take a minute more and install it NOW!

Background Checks Affiliate Program

Background Checks affiliate program provides affiliates with the ability to check their own criminal and driving records and sells companies a choice of options at good commission rates for doing background checks on potential employees, volunteers, and contractors.