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Forex Affiliate Networks

The significance of introducing brokers and affiliates in the marketing system of forex affiliate networks cannot be overemphasized. Some forex brokers generate more than 50% of their earnings from referrals. However, for any brokerage to build and maintain their own forex affiliate network, which includes linking up with all the affiliates, negotiating the terms and conditions, verifying the generated traffic, processing payments, and more can be resource-intensive. This is why so many brokers outsource their affiliate programs and work with forex affiliate networks rather than having to develop and maintain their own independent forex affiliate program.

One of the best fx affiliate networks you should choose is Algo-Affiliates. However, before we talk more about this reliable network, we want to enlighten you on what forex affiliate networks are, and things you should know or consider before choosing one. Please continue reading to widen your knowledge in this regard.

What Does Forex Affiliation Mean?

Affiliation is a marketing program whereby an individual or organization brings potential clients to a specific business in return for a reward, (mostly financial). Most times, this is achieved through links, banners, recommendations, social media, and other marketing collateral and channels.

Forex affiliates invite/introduce potential traders to join an online forex broker. This is possible when this potential trader taps on the banner or link that an affiliate has provided and then goes on to register with the broker to trade.

Compensation Methods for Forex Affiliates

As mentioned earlier, forex affiliates are given compensation for referrals. This can come in various forms as follows: 

Cost Per Acquisition: This compensation is given anytime a referred client makes a deposit or creates a Live trading account. Per client, the industry-standard ranges from $150 to $350 and depending on the amount deposited, this could go higher.

Rebates: Affiliates get some compensation for volumes made by their clients. For example, an affiliate is rewarded with 1 pip for each standard lot traded by his client. Depending on the broker, 0.5 to 2 pips is the industry standard.

Cost Per Lead: The affiliate will be compensated anytime a trader referred by you gives his/her details on the landing page of the broker. Some brokers even offer this when a referred trader signs up through a demo account.

Revenue Sharing: This compensation is the most interesting type. Asides from referrals, market makers earn profits from clients’ losses, and some affiliate programs offer part of the revenues generated from clients.

What Are the Features of Reliable Forex Affiliate Networks?

It is a fact that most affiliates prefer operating in the affiliate spectrum of the financial market. This is because this niche is viewed as a potential way of earning more profits. Asides from this, there are countless other positive features that attract affiliates. Let’s consider a few of them:

Long-term Payments

In most forex affiliate networks, as long as the customers you bring onboard keep trading and funding their accounts, you can continue earning, depending on the type of commission model. 

Higher Payments 

You can earn substantially more than most other affiliate niches. If forex affiliation is well performed, you can earn huge commissions. It is not uncommon for super affiliates to earn 6-7 figure commissions a year.

Enough Room for Trying Out and Experimenting with New Tactics and Methods

As you experiment with new things, you will have more opportunities to customize your sales funnel to suit your needs and target your audience better. In turn, this ensures steady profits for you over a long period compared to other niches.

You Only Need a Little Investment to Get Started

The affiliate only needs to invest a little to begin. Forex affiliate programs normally provide affiliates with ready-made and adequate promotional materials.

Relevant Materials are Readily Available

As forex trading becomes more popular, more relevant materials have been in abundance. This helps prospective traders in having access to these success stories, clever tactics, smart tips, and strategies, and to use them wisely.

How to Choose the Best Forex Affiliate Network for You

When going into any business partnership, one common fear is getting tricked to pay more than you will receive. This is why we will be revealing those issues you must attend to, to help you make the best decision.

Consider the Commission of the Forex Affiliate Network

One question you must ask before choosing any FX affiliate network is to know if you are going to earn some good cash through it. If the answer to this question is a positive one, then you can make the next positive step. One issue is that the answer isn’t usually straightforward because each forex affiliate network has its commission levels and types, and payment structures, thereby making comparisons quite difficult. 

Generally, we expect that for every new trader referred, you should earn about $250. However, the true height of this commission depends on the initial amount deposited by the trader and the lots they have traded. The other crucial factor that should be considered is the conversion rate of the fx affiliate network. Promises of $1,000 per trader are irrelevant if the conversion rate is only 1%. 

What About the Transparency of the FX Affiliate Network?

Another issue with the popularity and massive growth of these referral programs is the crowded nature of the market, which has made it very difficult to tell which sites and brokers are legit and honest, and those which are shady and not trustworthy. 

This is why it is very necessary to scrutinize the network carefully and properly and make sure whichever one you go for, offers a transparent program. Opt for programs that allow you to have full control and access to all the necessary data. In this way, you can track how much you earn and monitor your progress.

Consider the Ease of New Customers Signups

Make sure that whatever forex affiliate network you choose is ranked high regarding new sign-ups and onboarding. The process has to be simple, straightforward, seamless, clear, and smooth. It should have a user-friendly interface and enhance the experience of users.

Does this Forex Affiliate Network Have a Reputable Name?

The affiliate network you wish to partner with must have a good reputation. This is very necessary for your endeavor because anything other than this will make things difficult for you in a bid to promote a network that already has a tarnished reputation. You can search both online and offline to determine how dependable, respected, or renowned they are.

Is It Regulated or Unregulated?

The regulatory standards that govern the forex market, and in particular forex brokers continue to evolve as the market experiences progress and growth. There is every tendency that it will have stricter rules, leading to stricter trading conditions. In reality, this means that brokers that are regulated will face hefty fines and may lose their licenses if they in any way deviate from their offering.

Unregulated brokers shouldn’t be regarded as scammers all because they aren’t regulated. The fact is, while regulated brokers may not be flexible as a result of the regulatory framework that must be adhered to, some unregulated brokers can provide a protective and safe environment to their affiliates and traders, still offering excellent benefits. So don’t just focus on if they are regulated or not. Get to know their ethos and actual intentions, what they offer, and how it serves and matches the aspirations and needs of a trader or client.

Now, it is not about which broker is regulated or not, but which of them can offer the best of the two worlds. You must be able to market flexibly with a higher earning potential. Also, security and safety must not be forgotten.

Will this FX Affiliate Network Offer Some Marketing Help?

The challenge of participating in the forex affiliate network is a marketing one. Most people that serve as affiliate marketers are not marketers by profession, neither have they got any sort of training. For those with little experience, they will agree that to be successful in forex affiliate marketing is time-consuming and painstaking, but when mastered, it is extremely rewarding. 

The majority of fx affiliate networks know well that their marketers face different challenges, and so they are willing to assist in ensuring that the affiliate achieves. While it might sound clichéd, the more the affiliate achieves, the more the network achieves, so it’s in their interest to help as much as they can. This is one good reason why the best forex affiliate networks usually offer their affiliates ready-made materials for marketing, and possibly even templates that can be repurposed, which includes widgets, banners, social media headers, and more.

Before selecting the right forex affiliate network to partner with, it will be smart of you to check the materials and help they give to their affiliates. This will tell you if their offering works with your aspirations and needs.

Can You Keep Track of Your ROI Easily?

As mentioned earlier, choosing a fully transparent fx affiliate network will give you easy access to your data and performance as an affiliate. So, choose a forex network that provides a user-friendly, and dedicated platform that offers you the best tools possible to monitor how you perform. Also, you should be able to check on your signups’ quality as well as the ROI you have attained.

To achieve this easily, choose an affiliate network that offers a partner portal via which you will be given full access to your dashboard. This will help you anytime you wish to draw detailed and full reports, analytics, and statistics.

Is there Any Other Support Offered by the Forex Affiliate Network?

No matter how reliable the network’s portal, platform, or system may be, something may go wrong. When this happens, you may have to reach the network to ask a question or request that the problem is resolved.

Choose a forex affiliate network that is always there to assist you, and have a dedicated support team to answer your questions, resolve issues, or offer support. Their support team should also be knowledgeable, polite, and can communicate in different languages. This will allow you to reach a higher number of potential signups.

Is their Trading Platform Any Good?

One very important fact that is usually forgotten in the specificities and details of different affiliate forex networks is that what you will be selling eventually will be the trading platform of the broker. This is because you will do your best to convince potential traders to trust that broker, open an account, and make a deposit through them. 

However, if the trading platform doesn’t meet the demands and needs of the traders, eventually, what you’ve been fighting hard to promote is ultimately unsellable or is well flawed. While searching for the best forex affiliate partner, choose a platform that is credible, robust, can be navigated easily, and intuitive for seamless trading.

Will This Affiliate Program Work for You?

This is one important question to answer when choosing the best forex affiliate network. This involves choosing the best for you, the most suitable, and one that matches your aspirations and meets your needs while working as an affiliate. 

Equip yourself with the details of each forex affiliate network by being sure of its payment terms and structure. This will help you reach accurate conclusions and draw credible comparisons. Always ask for what you prefer.

Why You Should Choose Algo-Affiliates

Algo-Affiliates offers a unique platform that assists participants of the network in driving traffic, conversions, and monetization. Aside from this, they provide great tools to conduct your marketing campaigns. Algo-Affiliates offers appealing services for merchants who wish to advertise their products to bring in new clients. They also provide excellent service for affiliates, who participate in the network to bring in new customers to receive commissions.

Cutting-edge technology: Using cutting-edge technology, Algo-Affiliates has a robust and feature-rich portal that is packed with proven and optimized marketing collateral. 

Expert Support 24/7: Algo-Affiliates offers expert support 24/7. This is to ensure that those that need answers to questions get them. You are sure to get your requests attended to at any time of the day.

On-time payments: Affiliates can have peace of mind that they will always be paid their commissions on time. 

Funnel Monetization & Optimization: With Algo Affiliates, you can promote with great confidence. This is because you know that all actions are reported on and tracked accurately. 

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have gained much knowledge about forex affiliate networks. One of these reliable forex affiliate networks is Algo-Affiliates. This company is reputable and it offers its customers fantastic commissions. You can never go wrong with joining this fx network because there are lots of benefits for you to enjoy. Join Algo-Affiliates today to convert your traffic into great commissions!

Affiliate Marketing

What Does Affiliate Mean?

You’ve heard or read the word affiliate, but what does affiliate mean? The definition according to is “to bring into close association or connection”, but what does this actually mean? Well, it can mean variations of this basic definition, depending on the context. One of the meanings can be when a larger company owns a minority stake in another company. In this scenario, you may have heard that company A is affiliated with company B. There are various forms of this type of affiliate relationship in the business world, such as corporate affiliates, retail affiliates, international affiliates, and more. 

The reason you’re probably reading this article is to learn more about affiliate marketers (aka publishers), and what affiliate means in the context of affiliate marketing. In this context, it refers to a separate, independent company or individual that has an agreement to market the products or services of another company in return for a reward or commission. Let’s use a simple example. We have a company called Super Gadgets, which sells gadgets. Super Gadgets decides to allow independent people (affiliates) to promote and refer potential sales leads to them. If the leads sent by an affiliate make a purchase, Super Gadgets awards the affiliate with a referral fee (commission). Simple enough, no?

Okay, so let’s explore the concept of affiliate marketing further and what it means to be an affiliate. 

Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing involves an agreement between 2 parties, where the one party has a product or service (often referred to as the merchant or advertiser) and the second party performs marketing activities to refer leads (potential new customers) to the merchant in return for a reward. The agreement is typically a legally binding contract that outlines exactly each party’s roles and responsibilities in the relationship (affiliation). The agreement also defines how the leads will be tracked, what criteria the leads must meet to qualify for a commission, the commission amount, and when it will be paid. 

Affiliate marketing existed long before the internet; a typical example would be a real estate agent. In this case, the owner of the property agrees for a real estate agent to promote their property, and if the agent brings a buyer that results in a sale, the agent gets a sales commission. It’s worth noting that the affiliate never actually owns the item being sold, nor are they an employee of the merchant. 

With the advent of the internet and companies selling their goods and services online, it introduced an era where independent people (affiliates) could promote these online companies. Technology allows for each and every visitor to be tracked and assigned to the respective affiliate, so when a sale occurs, the company knows exactly which affiliate made the referral, and in turn, they can award them a commission.   

Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks

To be an affiliate marketer, you would need to join an affiliate program or affiliate network. The difference between an affiliate program and a network is that an ‘affiliate program’ is generally owned or managed by the merchant (it could be a separate company or division), and the program typically only focuses on the products or services offered by the merchant. An affiliate network, on the other hand, is an independent company that works with multiple merchants as an intermediary and can offer many diverse products for affiliates to promote. Essentially with the network approach, the merchant is outsourcing the management of their affiliate program. Irrespective of which business model the merchant chooses the basic flow and how everything works are very similar.

The Affiliate Platform 

At the heart of any affiliate program or network is an affiliate management platform. In some cases, it may be referred to as the affiliate portal or back-office. The affiliate platform is software that provides a host of features for both the affiliate and the management of the affiliates. The platform allows for affiliates to sign-up/register for an account. Once logged in, this is where you will find things like your unique tracking links and marketing creatives, such as banners, landing pages, email templates, and more. There is also reporting and analytics, so you can track your performance. Some of the other features include managing your personal information, payment details, and often access to support or your affiliate manager. 


As mentioned, the affiliate platform ensures that every referral you send to the merchant is tracked and associated with your account. In order to track your referrals, you will need your unique tracking links. These links look like a website URL, but they have unique identifiers in them. The links could be basic text links, or in most cases, you will download banners from the portal, and these have unique links associated with them. When you post a link on your site, or social media, or anywhere that you are promoting, when the user clicks on this link, they get redirected to the relevant page. For the user, this is entirely seamless, and in most cases, they don’t even know they are clicking on an affiliate link. Once the referral is assigned to your account, you can then track things like clicks, signups, sales, or whatever other parameters the platform offers. This tracking is vital, and the accuracy is of the utmost importance. 

The most common form of tracking is via internet cookies. Cookies are small files that the visitor’s web browser accepts, and holds information about the visitor, such as when they first clicked on a link. The cookie usually includes an expiry date, which is very valid for affiliates because often buyers don’t make a purchase immediately, and if they return to the merchant days later, you will still receive compensation for these sales. The expiry can be from as little as the first session up to years and varies from network to network or even the induvial offer. There are other types of tracking, and again this varies for each network and offer. 

Marketing Creative

When it comes time to start promoting an offer, you will want to use some form of marketing materials that entice the visitor to click and be redirected to take up the offer. Banners are one of the most common types of creative and you have surely seen these on websites you have visited. The banners can be static images, animated gifs, or even videos. Other types of creatives can be a simple text link that redirects to the sales page, data feeds, email templates (for email marketing), SMS templates, videos, landing pages, forms, and more. You will often find variations of the creative for the same offer, and these are intended to help you find what works best with your marketing and audience. If an offer is available in multiple languages, there are usually variations of translated creative to suit the respective market. One of the most important elements to get visitors to click through is the CTA (call to action), this is things like “buy now”, “click to learn more”, etc. Whatever creative you choose, be sure to check that you have implemented it correctly with your affiliate link, because you don’t want to lose out on commissions. If you’re unsure, reach out to your affiliate manager. 


The only way to know how well your marketing campaigns are performing is through reporting, which is offered on the platform. Reports can include various metrics such as:

  • Impressions – This is the number of times a creative was loaded on a page. It doesn’t necessarily mean the visitor looked at it. 
  • Clicks – This is how many times a visitor actually clicked on a link or banner etc. 
  • Signups / Leads – The number of visitors who completed some kind of action like registering or completing an inquiry form.
  • Sales / Conversions – The number of visitors that went on to complete the required action to be considered a sale or took a particular action to be converted. 

Depending on the network and the offer, there may be many more metrics. Reporting is vital for success because you need to know what is working, what is not, and where you can optimize. In the world of performance marketing, small changes or tweaks can result in massive improvements. Without accurate and detailed reporting, it is near impossible to build successful campaigns. 


In the words of Jerry Maguire: “Show me the money!”. Like any other business, being an affiliate marketer is about making money, and hopefully plenty of it. The amount of commission you can make can vary from a few dollars up to millions and depends on many factors. There are many different commission/earnings models, and it varies from offer to offer and network. 

Some of the most common commissions offered are: 

  • CPL (Cost per Lead) – You earn a fixed fee for every new lead you refer. To qualify as a lead the visitor may need to complete a form or open an account. 
  • CPA (Cost per Action) – Here the lead needs to complete a particular action which could be to spend or deposit a certain amount of money first for you to receive a commission. A CPA commission is generally a fixed flat fee. 
  • CPS (Cost per Sale) – As the name implies, when a sale occurs, you get paid. It can be a flat fee or a percentage of the sale or a hybrid. 
  • Revenue Share – Similar to the CPS, you earn a percentage of the revenue generated by the merchant. With some offers, you may even continue earning a share of the revenues for as long as the customer is spending, which means you could be earning from the same referral years into the future. 

Once you are generating a commission, you will want to receive your money, and depending on the network or program, they may make payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You will usually also have the option to choose how you wish to be paid, for example, check, PayPal, wire transfer, eWallets, cryptocurrencies, and many more options. 

Final Thoughts

By now you should have a fairly clear idea of “What affiliate means” in the context of affiliate marketing. We also briefly covered what affiliate marketing involves, the affiliate platform, marketing creative, reporting,  commissions, and more. Are you ready to become the next super affiliate? Join Us today and access hundreds of offers, incredible rewards, and much more. 

Affiliate Marketing

How to Recruit Affiliates

How to Recruit Affiliates?

In the world of Affiliate Networks, one of the biggest challenges for affiliate networks and their affiliate managers is recruiting new affiliates, but even more difficult is finding quality affiliates that can deliver volume and valuable traffic. Depending on the niches your network promotes also determines how many competitor networks and programs there are, who are all vying to sign up more affiliates. So how exactly should you go about recruiting new affiliates? This article explores some key considerations and approaches you can take. 

Get Your House in Order

Before you even start trying to recruit affiliates, you need to get your house in order. What does this mean? It’s rather simple. Make sure everything on your side is working and top-notch because once you start recruiting, you get one shot to impress. If things like your website don’t work or your tracking is unreliable, or your processes are poor, all your efforts will be a waste of time. 

Here are the key things to check, polish, and optimize before you start knocking on doors:


In the world of internet marketing, your website is your ambassador and if your site is old, outdated, doesn’t work and information is not clear, all those new leads will bounce in a matter of seconds. You won’t get a second chance. One of the biggest mistakes that affiliate networks make is filling their sites with marketing hype and making impossible promises. Make sure you have some kind of USP (Unique Selling Point) and most importantly, new recruits will want a clear picture of what sort of commissions your offer and your payment terms. Also, make sure the sign-up process is easy and works. In a nutshell, take a good, hard and honest look at your website as if you were an affiliate, and ask yourself if you would sign up or is this just another cookie-cutter site or worse, does it look spammy. Your site should be something your affiliate managers can be proud to send new affiliates to. 

Tracking, Reporting & Payments


When affiliates join your network, they are putting a lot of trust in you that you will track and report accurately. If your tracking is not working properly – FIX IT! There is no excuse for inaccurate reporting and often affiliates will test things by getting people they know to buy products through their links so they can make sure they are going to get paid for every single referral. Many affiliates belong to forums and are friends and the last thing you want is affiliates bad-mouthing your network in these forums. Remember that once something is posted out there, even after you’ve fixed things, new recruits will find those old posts and may not want to take a chance that they could lose out on commissions. One of the worst things for affiliate managers is having to smooth things with new potential affiliates before even trying to get them on board. When it comes to payments, affiliates want to get paid, no excuses! If your network is renowned for late payments or payments are inconsistent with what the reporting says, you’re going to have a real tough time not just recruiting but retaining your affiliates. Once affiliates start complaining about payments on forums, you are going to spend more time doing crisis management than recruiting. 

Marketing Collateral & Tools

If you want affiliates to stay loyal and promote your products, be sure you have top-quality marketing materials for them. Banners should be well designed with quality copy and solid CTAs (Call to Action). Landing pages and funnels should be professional, optimized and all links and redirects should work seamlessly. While many professional affiliates will create their own content, the vast majority will use what you supply and if your stuff doesn’t work and doesn’t convert for them, they will move to the next network.  

These are just a few key areas that you should pay special attention to and if you neglect to have your end up to scratch, all your time and effort onboarding affiliates will be lost. 

Ways to Recruit New Affiliates

There are many ways to find new affiliates to join your network and establishing what works for you should be approached from a performance marketing perspective. This means that all your recruitment efforts should be tracked, measured, and optimized. 

Now let’s explore some options…

Advertising – You’re working in the world of internet marketing, so it should come as no surprise that you can use the plethora of advertising options out there. Take a look at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other large platforms. The cost of advertising on these sites can be expensive, so these campaigns should be well managed, tracked, and optimized. 

SEO – Yes, your site should be well optimized, but just bear in mind you want to be optimized for the niches you work in and not just generic affiliate marketing or you will be attracting affiliates for all sorts of niches outside of your market focus.  One of the most effective ways to focus your content is building your blog content with quality posts. 

Social Media – Well it goes without saying that these days you need a strong social presence, so making sure your social media is up to date and maintained can go a long way to helping recruit new affiliates. Also, make sure someone on your team is managing things and replying to new recruits who may try to connect with you through social media. 

Trade Shows / Conferences – There is no shortage of affiliate conferences and selecting the right ones to attend can be pivotal in finding new business. Despite the digital world we live in, meeting people face to face and building relationships is vital. Just be sure that whoever is attending from your team, presents themselves and represents your business professionally. One area that most companies fail when it comes to conferences is the follow-up. When you have made a connection with new people, make sure you follow up immediately after the conference and don’t wait weeks. Strike while the iron is hot.  

Referrals – Just like any business, one of the best ways to get top-quality recruits is to get other affiliates to refer people they know. If you’ve been doing things well and you have existing affiliates that are satisfied, ask them for referrals. You may even consider implementing a multi-tier referral program, which means affiliates can earn commissions when they refer other new affiliates. Most modern affiliate back-office platforms have this functionality built-in and may just need activation. If you do decide to go this route, then be sure to notify your existing affiliate base about this option and that they can earn even more. 

“Cold Call” Emails – This involves putting together lists of possible affiliates and emailing them. This process is not easy, but if done correctly and methodically, it can produce excellent results. Creating these lists is a time-consuming process. You will need to search on Google to identify the sites that rank and would be ideal affiliate sites. Then, you need to find their contact information which can often be difficult as most many affiliates don’t want to be bombarded daily by affiliate managers. If you are unable to find their email address, then try the contact form on their site. Some sites may even have a dedicated page for “advertisers” which explains their requirements and how to contact them. The trick to being successful with “cold call” emails is writing a short, meaningful message that will make the affiliate want to reach out to you. Avoid just sending canned generic mails or long essays and stay away from marketing hype messages that claim you are the best network with the best commissions. Take a few moments to look over their website and identify something you can speak about, it could be a particular post on their site, or maybe a suggestion on how you can collaborate. One of the best ways to spark interest is by adding value, so if you can see an angle that can add value, then approach it like that. A technique that can also work well is to offer a free blog post and get a writer to produce it for them. The bottom line is you need an angle, something that will make your offer stand out from all the others who are trying to do business with that site owner. You may need to repeat the process a few times, but do not SPAM people by sending endless emails to them, or in no time at all, you will end up blacklisted and have burnt that bridge before it’s even built. 

Affiliate Directories – There is no shortage of affiliate directories where you can list your program and what you have to offer. Some directories also allow for sponsored listings or email blasts to their base, so you may want to consider this too. 

Backlinks – No were not referring to SEO backlinks. Search on Google for your brands or products and identify sites that have links or mentions of your products but are not using affiliate links. Then, reach out to these sites and tell them that they can monetize those links by joining your network. It’s a win-win scenario for both of you. You can even apply this technique on social media where people are speaking about your products. 

Influencers – It’s no secret there are people out there that are influencers for certain niches. These people may be bloggers, Youtubers, or on social media platforms. Getting one of these influencers to endorse your network and telling their followers can be highly effective. Just note, you need to be extremely professional and do not start spamming them in the hope of getting a response. Influencers are bombarded every day by advertisers who want to leverage them, so you need to be smart about how you approach things. 

Press Releases – Regular PR can go a long way to building your brand and getting new recruits to come and knock on your door. The key thing with PR is making sure you actually have something newsworthy. Simply putting out pointless news won’t even get a glance from potential partners. There are plenty of PR agencies that can help craft the content and ensure its distribution. 

Meetups and Masterminds – Affiliates and digital marketers often host events where they meet up to share their ideas and network. Attending these events can serve as an excellent way to network with potential recruits. When attending these events, don’t come in guns blazing and do your sales pitch to everyone. The marketers attending these events don’t come there to be cornered by every affiliate manager wanting their business. Join in discussions, and demonstrate value, in no time at all, affiliates will be approaching you to learn more. 

Advertising – You’re working in the world of internet marketing, so it should come as no surprise that you can use the plethora of advertising options out there. Take a look at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other large platforms. The cost of advertising on these sites can be expensive, so these campaigns should be well managed, tracked, and optimized. 

SEO – Yes, your site should be well optimized, but just bear in mind you want to be optimized for the niches you work in and not just generic affiliate marketing or you will be attracting affiliates for all sorts of niches outside of your market focus.  One of the most effective ways to focus your content is building your blog content with quality posts. 

Social Media – Well it goes without saying that these days you need a strong social presence, so making sure your social media is up to date and maintained can go a long way to helping recruit new affiliates. Also, make sure someone on your team is managing things and replying to new recruits who may try to connect with you through social media. 

Trade Shows / Conferences – There is no shortage of affiliate conferences and selecting the right ones to attend can be pivotal in finding new business. Despite the digital world we live in, meeting people face to face and building relationships is vital. Just be sure that whoever is attending from your team, presents themselves and represents your business professionally. One area that most companies fail when it comes to conferences is the follow-up. When you have made a connection with new people, make sure you follow up immediately after the conference and don’t wait weeks. Strike while the iron is hot.  

Final Thoughts

Recruiting affiliates is a process. It takes time, effort, and a strategy. Even though we are living in this digital world, people deal with people, which means your focus should be on building relationships. When you demonstrate to potential recruits that you have a value proposition and are interested in what they do and can assist them, you will win them over! 

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How Much Money Can Affiliate Marketers Make

How Much Money Can Affiliate Marketers Make?

If you are already an affiliate marketer or considering becoming one, everyone at some stage asks themselves the question “how much money can an affiliate marketer make?”. While it’s not ideal to answer a question with another question, the answer to this question is “how much money do you want to make?”. Now, you are probably thinking that doesn’t help you very much, so in this article, we will explore this and give you some answers and direction. 

The fact is, only a small percentage of affiliate marketers reach their true potential and are able to make 5 and 6 figure incomes. So, in a nutshell, as an affiliate marketer, you could earn anywhere from $0 to $1 million+ per annum. There are some affiliate marketers who even earn $1 million+ per month, but that is truly rare. In a nutshell, there are still big bucks to be made as an affiliate and as more and more people become connected to the Internet and more markets open up, the demand for top-quality affiliates will keep growing. 

The Cold Hard Truth

Years ago, you heard crazy success stories about high-school dropouts who became millionaires as affiliates and would only work 1 hour a day from home or while sitting on the beach. The fact is, 99% of these stories are junk. Maybe once these people reached their success, they were able to sit-back a little, but getting there, they had to invest time, money, blood, sweat and tears. 

The cold hard truth is that if you want to make insane money, or at least a reasonable income as an affiliate marketer, you are going to have to put in the hours and work hard, but more than anything, you will have to have incredible discipline and determination. Before you go quitting your full-time job in the hopes of being a super affiliate, you have to take a good, hard and honest look at yourself and determine if you have the self-discipline to push and challenge yourself. If you are someone who needs a boss to manage and motivate you, then being an affiliate is not for you. You are going to have to motivate and manage yourself and develop a never quit attitude. The second characteristic you will need to honestly evaluate about yourself is how organized you are. To be a truly successful affiliate marketer, you need to be organized, and to track and manage your business effectively and efficiently. Sure, there are some affiliates who are disorganized and make a living, but the more organized you are, the better you will manage your business, and the better you will be able to scale it and the more money you will make. 


It cannot be overstated enough that you will need to invest time, money and energy. The amount of money you invest will vary and you can probably get started with a shoestring budget, but like any business, you will need to spend some money to make money. Your investment in time and effort is not negotiable. You are going to have to figure stuff out, track performance, analyse the results and constantly optimize to reach your true potential. 

Finally, do not be disillusioned by other people’s claims and results that achieved 6 figure incomes by doing virtually nothing…. this couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe now these super affiliates have this incredible passive income, but to get there, they had to try and fail over and over and over. There might be the odd marketer who cracked the code on their first attempt, but that’s like winning the lotto. If you are banking on winning the “affiliate lotto”, you are starting with the wrong attitude. Also, too often, the numbers that are thrown about so loosely, when you see these success stories, are referring to revenues, which is not profit.  Sure, you could go spend $100K on a PPC campaign and generate $101K in revenues and tell the world how you made $101,000 but the reality is you only made $1,000 in profit. 

Now that we’ve cleared the air and you understand that you need to work hard to succeed, let’s explore some of the factors that determine how much money you can make as an affiliate marketer…. 

Factors for Making Money with Affiliate Marketing


The niche you choose to be involved in will heavily affect how much money you will make as an affiliate marketer. If you are entering a super competitive niche, it’s going to impact your success and how hard you need to work to be a true player. The niche also affects how much commission is paid and if there is revenue-share or CPA payments. Commissions can range from a few percent or a couple of dollars, through to 50%+ and hundreds of dollars per sale. Always try to pick niches you have interest in even if they are not the highest paying. Remember, your goal is to build a long term sustainable income and if you are working with something you enjoy, odds are pretty good you will see greater success than trying to pursue something that bores you and you will dread working with every day. 


Traffic is the lifeblood to your affiliate marketing business. The source of traffic does not only determine how much traffic is available but the quality, scalability, consistency and profitability. Whether you plan on buying traffic, doing SEO, email marketing, social media or any other source, each has its pros and cons, which you should understand up front and the potential costs involved. A big mistake that many affiliate marketers make is spreading themselves too thin across too many traffic sources. It is a good strategy to have multiple sources of traffic to mitigate market risks and keep a consistent flow of traffic but trying to be a master of everything, is a sure way to fail, especially when getting started. Pick 1-2 sources and master those; figure out what works for you and when you’ve got a winning formula, scale-up. Then, move onto the next source and master that. 

Do not put all your eggs in one basket or you might wake up one morning to find that your income is at zero. An example of this is relying just on SEO where changes in algorithms could see your site drop from the first page of Google to page 3, 4 or worse, which will result in a drastic drop in traffic. It’s estimated that Google makes hundreds of adjustments every year to their algorithms. When it comes to SEO, there is no magic bullet, it takes a long time and lots of effort. 

Let’s assume you plan on using PPC, such as Google Ads. You might be flying high with a perfectly optimized campaign, but suddenly a new affiliate enters the market with super deep pockets and drives up the costs which force you to scale down. Besides the competition, there are risks with regards to legal and regulatory changes, and suddenly Google won’t let you run campaigns in certain regions, or you have to meet crazy requirements to do so. These types of things have happened many times in the loans, insurance, online gambling and various other niches. 

Affiliate Programs & Networks

It goes without saying that the program or network you choose to work with will affect how much money you make as an affiliate. The first thing that probably pops into your head is “how much commission do they pay”, but this is not where you focus should be. Obviously, you want to be paid a fair and market-related commission, but there are so many other factors that will determine your success. First and foremost is the tracking and reporting because no matter how effective your marketing is and no matter how much traffic you are driving, if your traffic is not being tracked accurately, you will be leaking valuable commissions. If the reporting is poor and you can’t measure performance properly or the analytics is non-existent, you will never know if you’re efforts are paying off. 

Other factors regarding the affiliate network that will determine how much money you make are the marketing materials they offer you and the support you get. If the quality of the marketing materials is poor, you will have to invest time and money producing your own which will affect your ROI. When it comes to the support from an affiliate manager, this should never be underestimated. You need to build that relationship and trust, so when you want something or a pay bump, you have someone to turn to. Remember, an increase of just a few percent or a few dollars per conversion can have a huge impact, especially when you are driving big volumes of traffic. 

Another key consideration when it comes to which affiliate network you choose is the payment terms and reliability. When you are just getting started in the affiliate world, having cash-flow to build and scale your business is vital, and if you have to wait extended periods of time to get paid or there are constant delays with payments, it could impact your affiliate business substantially. On the other end of the spectrum, when you finally achieve super affiliate status and have to wait for a 5 or 6 figure paycheck, it can have a devastating effect on your business. The size and reliability of the network are vital when you get to super affiliate level because you don’t want to come to the end of the month to find out that they haven’t got the ability to pay you.  


The markets you choose to focus on will have a vast impact on your earning potential as an affiliate marketer. Every single country and even down to individual cities can vary when it comes to not only conversion rates but the amount of traffic available and the value of each conversion. Tracking the performance of every click and conversion is vital to understand where you are making money and where to focus. There is a reason that marketers, both offline and online study demographics before launching a campaign and this is why you should never neglect this.  Another key factor that will affect your profitability is localization. We don’t just mean getting your site translated into another language but making every element appeal to the target market. Things like currency symbols, date and time formats, slang and local lingo can all impact how much money you will make with your affiliate marketing. 


The products you choose to promote, and their seasonality, is another key factor in your pursuit of affiliate profits. A very simple example would be promoting Christmas decorations. It’s rather obvious that for the majority of the year, you won’t get many sales, but towards the end of the year when people start looking for decoration, sales will increase. While this is a very simplistic example, it exists in almost all niches. During summertime in Europe, many people spend their time outdoors or going on vacation and less time in front of their computers, so you could see a dip in sales during these periods. Obviously, this is also impacted by the product, but the point is to understand when to scale up your campaigns and when to taper-off.  Just because the market dips, it doesn’t mean you should back off; it might mean you should crank up your efforts. You may, for example, find that PPC traffic during these periods is cheaper which means you can capitalize by expanding your campaigns. The more you track and analyse your marketing over longer periods, the better you will see the trends of seasonality and be able to build your strategies around this.  


When it comes to answering the question of “how much money can affiliate marketers make?”, there is no simple answer. In this article, we have only scratched the surface of trying to answer this elusive question. 

Can you make a good living as an affiliate? Yes!

Can you become a millionaire with affiliate marketing? Yes!

Can you earn a passive income with affiliate marketing? Yes! 

The potential to earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing is totally plausible, but like any other business or profession, you have to treat it like a real business, be organized and work hard. You need to have the drive and commitment to be creative and test new ideas and techniques to find your “secret recipe” that will catapult you into the ranks of the super affiliate elites.  

If you are serious about earning a solid and even potentially life-changing income, then you should check out Algo-Affiliates. Algo-Affiliates is a top-class CPA network that focuses on high-value niches and offers exceptional support and outstanding commissions. All Algo-Affiliate offers have been tried, tested and optimized for global markets, so you can kickstart your marketing with confidence. The affiliate platform is intuitive, user-friendly and packed with features and tools. Join Algo-Affiliates today and soon you could be earning the income you have been dreaming of.  

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is essentially a referral program, where you market the products or services of a company in order to refer people to that company and earn a commission when the referral takes a particular action, usually based on a sale. This explanation is obviously very simplistic, but it provides a high-level explanation of what affiliate marketing is. In this article, we will explore this concept even more and discover some of the intricacies that this exciting, and lucrative field of marketing involves.

The Birth of Internet Affiliate Marketing

Before the internet came about, one of the biggest challenges for marketers and the companies they worked for, was to track and measure the performance of their marketing efforts. Overall, they could see if sales increased, but knowing exactly what worked, which marketing messages had the most impact, and optimizing campaigns was tedious, took extended periods of time, and was never perfectly accurate. The internet brought about a revolution in marketing, not just because it opened up companies to new and bigger markets, but with the aid of technology, these companies could now start tracking their campaigns and optimizing their efforts almost instantly. The ability to track the entire customer journey from the very first click till post-sale was groundbreaking and it opened up the opportunity for companies to allow 3rd parties to refer customers and compensate them for their efforts. 

And so, internet affiliate marketing was born…

There are typically 4 key parties involved in the affiliate marketing process:

Product Owner / Merchant / Retailer or Brand – This is the company that provides a product or service. The merchant may be the manufacturer or producer of the product or service, but they could also simply be a reseller or supplier of existing products. 

Affiliate Program or Network – This is the organization that is responsible for managing the affiliate (referral) program. Their role is to provide the technology and marketing materials for the affiliate marketers, as well as handle things like payments and performance metrics. The affiliate program can sometimes be managed internally by the merchant, but in most cases today, it is outsourced to affiliate networks that specialize in the setup and management of the affiliate program and the affiliates. 

Affiliate Marketers or Publishers – These are the 3rd party marketers who promote the merchant’s products or services, via the affiliate program in exchange for a commission for their efforts. The affiliate can use a range of marketing channels and techniques to attract potential customers and refer them. 

Consumers – These are the customers i.e., the people or businesses that will purchase the merchant’s products. In most cases, the consumer doesn’t even know that he may have been referred by an affiliate, as the entire process is seamless. Also, the price he pays is typically exactly what he would have paid if he were buying directly from the merchant. 

How Does it All Work? A Practical Example…

To understand how affiliate marketing works, let’s take a deeper look at how all the pieces fit together to ultimately provide the consumer with their desired product. The best way to create a clear picture is to use an example. (Take note all names and companies mentioned in the example below are fictitious): 

Our merchant, for this example, will be TastiCoffee, a company that sells coffee pods (capsules for coffee machines) to consumers. TastiCoffee has salespeople that sell to stores as well as a website where retail customers can purchase coffee and get it shipped to them. 

One day, Joe, the owner of TastiCoffee realizes that he can scale up his business if he can get more visitors to his website. Joe doesn’t have the time, budget, or expertise to expand his current marketing efforts, so he reaches out to MegaAffs, an affiliate network, and describes his situation. MegaAffs explains to Joe that they will take responsibility for setting up and managing an affiliate program for him, and best of all because it’s based on performance, Joe only has to pay them when sales happen. This means the more sales they bring him, the more they all make. 

MegaAffs then go about setting up the program for TastiCoffee. For this, they use an affiliate tracking platform. This technology is a type of software that will provide affiliates with unique web links that link to TastiCoffee’s website and track exactly where the visitor originally came from, what they purchase, how much they spend, and most importantly, which affiliate sent that visitor. This ability to track this performance is vital and the heart of the affiliate program. 

Be Cautious of Scams in the Crypto Affiliate Marketing Industry

Let’s assume for example, that Joe’s website address is, whereas an affiliate will use a link that looks something like means that when someone clicks on the affiliate link, they will be sent to TastiCoffee but every action they take thereafter will be tracked to the whoever the affiliate is with the ID “xyz”. MegaAffs also put together a range of marketing materials for the affiliates to use, such as banners, landing pages, videos, and more. Each of these marketing assets has a unique tracking too, which means that the affiliate can know exactly which assets are performing. MegaAffs also set up the relevant reporting and analytics for affiliates to be able to report on their performance. MegaAffs set up the commission structure with Joe so that everyone, from the program to the affiliates and Joe, all know how much they stand to make with each sale. Finally, with everything in place, MegaAffs notifies its existing pool of affiliates about the amazing and lucrative opportunity to promote TastiCoffee. 

With the program live, affiliates at MegaAffs log into the MegaAffs platform and get their promotional links and whatever promotional materials they plan on using to promote TastiCoffee. The affiliates then go about marketing TastiCoffee. For this example, let’s assume one of the affiliates is Max. Max is a blogger who loves coffee and has a blog all about coffee. Max writes a review about some of the TastiCoffee products, and he puts his unique tracking links into the blog post, and he puts some banners up too. Then, when visitors to Max’s blog click on one of the links or banners, they automatically get redirected to the TastiCoffee website. What the visitor doesn’t see is that the tracking link has now assigned them to Max’s affiliate account. When the visitor makes a purchase on the TastiCoffee site, that sale is then attributed to Max and he is awarded a commission. Depending on the terms of the MegaAffs program, Max might also earn a commission in the future, every time that same customer he referred makes more purchases. The commission could be a fixed value or a percentage of the total sale amount. 

At the end of the month, MegaAffs checks the total sales that Max the affiliate generated in order to send him his commission (referral fee). However, before they finalize the commission payment to Max, they check to see if there were any returns (refunds) or chargebacks. A chargeback is when a customer cancels the payment through their credit card company, which essentially means the sale gets canceled and Max won’t earn a commission for any chargebacks. If all is in order, Max receives his commission. 

From the example above, it should be fairly clear how affiliate marketing works, but obviously, there is a whole lot more that goes into all of this for all the parties involved. 

So, let’s explore a little more about what it involves to be an affiliate marketer. 

How Much Can You Earn as an Affiliate Marketer?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some affiliates earn a few hundred dollars a month and there are many super affiliates that earn millions of dollars a month. The factors that affect how much you earn include which niches or products you promote, how much time and effort you put into your marketing, the amount of budget you spend, the marketing techniques you use, the size of the target market, and much more. If for example, you intend to promote coffee pods, you probably won’t make a million dollars a year, whereas if you are an affiliate for a financial product or gambling, then the possibility of taking home 6-7 figures is a possibility. This doesn’t mean you should go looking to only promote niches that can produce insane commissions, because the general rule of thumb when it comes to affiliate commissions is that the higher the rewards, the bigger the competition and the more difficult it is to generate sales. 

In the case of gambling products where your referrals could spend thousands of dollars with the merchant, there are thousands of affiliates all competing for their slice of the pie too, which means the costs involved to acquire new customers are also much higher. Just remember, you will have costs like any other business to get those new referrals to the door of the merchant, whether it is hard costs like buying advertising or your own time, which needs to be accounted for. It’s also important to note that today, many multi-million-dollar corporations specialize in affiliate marketing and employ hundreds of employees and have deep pockets to fund their activities. Don’t let the thought of competition put you off pursuing a dream of being an affiliate because many affiliate marketers are individuals like you, who make a particularly good living working online from home. 

The potential to make huge affiliate commissions exist but developing the right strategy and taking the necessary steps and putting in the effort are just part of the puzzle. 

Here are some of the other considerations that determine how much you can earn as an affiliate:

Niche – As mentioned briefly, the niche or products you choose are one of the factors. Choosing the right niche is probably one of the most crucial decisions an affiliate needs to make. There is no shortage of products to choose from and there are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of options out there. If you are just getting started as an affiliate, you will do your best to select 1-2 products that you have an interest in, as this makes it far more enjoyable and easier to get going while you gain experience. Do not try to take on too many products in the beginning. Also, don’t be discouraged if you aren’t successful with every option you choose. Low-cost products may not seem like they will generate huge commissions, but when you master your marketing techniques, you may find that you can apply your formula to many low-cost products which all contribute to your bottom line. 

Competition – We already spoke a little about competition, but this doesn’t mean you should try to find niches where no competition exists, in fact, you want there to be some competition. When there is competition, it means there is money to be made. Choosing the niche you plan to promote must take into consideration how much competition there is. 

Commission Model – There are many different types of commission structures that affiliate programs offer which will impact your earnings potential. Some of the most common ones include: 

  • CPA (Cost per Action /Acquisition) – This type of commission will pay you a fixed amount when the referral takes a particular action, typically when they make a purchase. Usually, the commission is a once-off payment. Always be sure to check the commission qualifying criteria of the affiliate program/network. 
  • Revenue Share – As the name implies, the merchant shares with you a percentage of the sale. Commissions can range from as little as 5% up to 60%+, it all depends on the niche, the network, and more. Revenue share can be a once-off or it can be for any sales during a particular period and in some verticals, it can even be for the lifetime of the customer. Lifetime commissions are a great way to build a passive income. 
  • CPL (Cost per Lead) – This commission model pays you a commission for new leads, which means your referrals don’t need to make a purchase and only need to supply specific information so that the merchant can market their products to them and try to convert them into paying customers. CPL commissions can often be less than a dollar up to tens of dollars.

Affiliate Network / Program

Probably the most vital component to being a successful affiliate is the affiliate network you choose to work with. First and foremost, you need to work with a trustworthy and reputable network. This means that their tracking and reporting is accurate and reliable because you certainly don’t want to put time, effort, and money into referring visitors and not getting compensated. A quality network also makes sure their affiliates get paid on time, every time because the last thing you want is to be waiting endlessly for your commissions. Some of the other factors to consider are the tools, marketing materials, and support the network offers. Building a relationship with your assigned affiliate manager is crucial for success, especially when you need assistance. 

Traffic Source

The people you attract and refer to with your marketing are called traffic. Where and how you get your traffic is the biggest cost and factor when it comes to how much you will earn as an affiliate. There are many ways to generate traffic and each source of traffic will produce different quality and quantity of traffic. Some of the most popular ways that affiliate marketers generate traffic are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Paid Media, PPC (Pay Per Click), Social Media, Blogging, Vlogging, and much more.  

Final Thoughts

We have covered the basics of what affiliate marketing is, the parties involved, how it works, earnings potential, and more. We touched on a few details of each of these components, but there is much more to each element. Affiliate marketing is an exciting and dynamic way to make money online and this flourishing, multi-billion industry is constantly growing and presenting new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Start your affiliate marketing journey today and get on the path to becoming the next super affiliate.

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Affiliate Marketing CPA Network

What is a CPA Network?

What is a CPA Network?

There are many different ways to make money online. You have probably seen numerous offers on the Internet claiming to be able to make you into an instant millionaire, or to earn you thousands of dollars daily. Unfortunately, many of these offers are either exaggerated or simply scams waiting to catch out anyone that will take the bait. On the other hand, one legitimate method of making money online is through a CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network. Let us explore this option in more detail.

What is CPA?


CPA, or cost per action (cost per acquisition), is a business model in which you are paid to drive leads or sales, through the Internet, to businesses offering various services or products. Each time an individual who is surfing the web happens to come accross your online affiliate link and takes a specific action, you will be paid. What the ‘specific action’ is can vary depending upon the affiliate program. For example, some affiliate programs will pay when somebody simply clicks on your link; others will require the prospect to fill out a form asking for personal information, in order for you to be paid. There are also some affiliate programs that require the prospect to either sign up for a newsletter or actually purchase a product or service before you are paid a commission.

What is a CPA network?

A CPA network is the third party intermediary between you, the affiliate marketer, and the provider of the service or product, which you will be marketing on the Internet. Basically, the CPA network implements the web software which monitors the actions of those visiting a site through your affiliate links in order to ensure that you are paid for the targeted action of the provider of the service or product. For example, Algo-Affiliates, one of the most well-trusted CPA networks will pay you excellent commissions to drive qualifying traffic to financial brokers, trade signal providers and other service providers related to forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies. You will be paid every time one of your referrals does a specific action, such as complete a deposit into a trading account or carry out a specified number of trades.

Important Terminology for the CPA Network Industry

Although the terminology related to the CPA network industry is not rocketscience, there are some essential terms you should be familiar with before you begin your career in CPA network marketing.

Commission: Payments received by an affiliate marketer upon a successful conversion.

Cookies: A unique ID assigned to a user after clicking on an affiliate link to a merchant’s site for a specified period of time. This is how CPA networks determine when to credit an affiliate marketer for commissions earned.

Conversion Rate: The number of conversions divided by the total amount of users clicking on an affiliate link.

Affiliate Manager: The individual managing an affiliate program on behalf of a merchant. This person’s job is to recruit affiliate marketers, assist them and increase revenue for the merchant.

Contextual Link: A text link which is placed on an affiliate marketer’s website linking to the merchant’s website, or some type of information gathering form.

Category: The particular niche that the affiliate marketer is promoting in, such as financial trading.

Chargeback: It is the return of funds to a consumer, usually initiated by the consumer requesting their credit card issuer to reverse the charge. Since the action was never completed, the previously awarded commission is deducted from the affiliate marketer’s commissions.

Return on Investment (ROI): The amount of profit earned with an affiliate marketing campaign. This number is the revenue divided by the amount spent on advertising, multiplied by 100.For example, let’s say your marketing expense is $100 and you sell products worth $250. Your net profit is then $150. Your profit is the sales minus your advertising spend or $250-$100 = $150. Based on this, the ROI is the ratio between the net profit and the cost of investment. So, $250/$100 x 100= 250 which means that in this case, the ROI is 250%.

What Are the BestMethods for Affiliate Marketing?

Once you have chosen the best CPA network for you and your situation and goals, such as Algo-Affiliates, you will want to know the best methods of promoting and marketing with your affiliate marketing links.

Below are some of the various methods available for promoting your campaigns:

Online Reviews

One of the most common methods of promoting an affiliate marketing campaign is through online reviews. This is done by creating a website dedicated to online reviews of products and services related to your niches. Usually this will include a short introduction for each merchant and then a user review, which will generally include a final rating. These reviews will contain a link to a landing page or possibly even directly to a service provider.
Online reviewsare a common method used by the financial trading segment. It is effective because investors want to know which broker, trading platform or trading signal provider is legitimate and has the tools and services one needs to profit from online trading. The fact is, there are so many brokers and trading providers out there promoting their services, so knowing which one to select can be daunting. This is where your, affiliate / relationship manager comes into the picture. Their role is to help guide you in selecting the best offers and to match your traffic to the optimal brokers. This is an area where Algo-Affiliates shines as they work closely with each affiliate to derive the maximum from their traffic.

Landing Page

Another method of promoting an affiliate offer is through a landing page. This is a web page that will introduce information about the services being offered by the merchant. The content on the landing page is generally more of a hard sales pitch aiming to convince the reader to click on a link which will lead them to the service provider or product merchant. Upon clicking on the link, the reader will be prompted to take some type of action, such as registering for a trading account or maybe just signing up for a marketing email list. Essentially, the landing page is a direct sales page that leads the prospective client to taking a relevant action.

Splash Web Page

A splash page is different from a landing page, in that the content is generally not so much a hard sales pitch, but a little lighter in tone. Flashy graphics and punchy headlines are commonly included in a splash page. The product and service will usually be more on the minimal side. The content, like a landing page, will be aimed at encouraging visitors to click through to the merchant’s website. It could also aim to have readers input their personal information into some type of form.

Fun/Quiz Page

The fun/quiz page is similar to the splash page; however, it is even more stripped down and simpler. Generally, this type of page will include a question, with readers being given the option to choose from two or more answers. Many times, some type of game will be included in this type of web page. The sole purpose of the fun/quiz page is to engage the visitor and generate click-throughs.

Paid Advertising

You may even want to consider paid advertisements to promote your marketing campaign. This may include various types of web-based advertising, such as social media or search engine advertising. There are a multitude of paid advertising options including PPC / CPC (Pay per click), with the most well-known being Google Adwords (recently changed to Google Ads). There are hundreds of PPC networks where ads can be placed. You can even purchase advertisements in publications, radio or television. This may be something you want to do once you have raised enough capital through the other marketing methods mentioned above.

Other Methods of Promoting Your Affiliate Campaign

Based on all the above options, hosting your own website is not the only effective method of promoting an offer. Other potential methods of marketing CPA offers include email marketing, posting on message boards or even videos on YouTube. You could even promote your affiliate marketing campaign in real life by obtaining people’s contact information and sending them your affiliate link via email and smartphone. The options are endless so if you have a bit of creativity, you will find the best method of promoting your affiliate campaign. Spending a little time of popular marketing and affiliate forums, you will discover that there are hundreds of interesting and innovative ways that affiliate marketers use to get web-traffic to their campaigns.

Becoming Accepted by CPA networks

Unfortunately, you usually cannot just join any CPA network you want to. Usually, you will have to apply to join and then be admitted into the network. Each CPA network has its own criteria for being accepted as an affiliate marketer. However, there are various ways you can help your chances of being accepted by the CPA network of your choice.

The following are some things which can help you with being accepted by a CPA network.

Create Your Own Website

Although it is possible for some CPA networks to accept affiliate marketers without having your own website, it will give you a better chance if you have a website that you personally run. Having your own website gives you more credibility and will make you seem more committed. If you have extensive experience as an affiliate marketer or are a major web publisher, you can simply apply with your current website domain.

On the other hand, if you only have several smaller websites or maybe no website at all, you will want to start one in order to brand yourself as an Internet marketing professional. The website should describe the areas that you are looking to work in, such as financial markets. You should include a selection of your most applicable skills, such as SEO, email marketing, PPC or any other online marketing methods with which you are familiar. Also, remember to choose a website domain name that makes you appear more professional. You may even want to hire a professional web designer / developer to create a website for you.

Email Address with Your Own Domain

Using an email address with your own domain name will also help with appearing more professional. In other words, your email should look something like “[email protected]” Even if you prefer to mostly use another email account that is free, such as Gmail, you will still want to use this method. All you have to do is set up an automatic redirect from the professional email to the email that you primarily prefer to use. There are CPA networks that have been known to automatically reject applicants who utilize a free email address because those email services have no identity verification. Also, because free email addresses are easy to create, using an email with your own domain name will demonstrate your commitment to the affiliate marketing business.


Being honest and realistic about your abilities will be better for you as an affiliate marketing professional in the long run. Although some of the more discerning CPA networks may reject you, being honest about how many leads you are able to generate is important in many ways. For instance, if you claim you can drive 1,000 leads per month and the CPA network ends up interviewing you, and it becomes clear that in reality your experience in affiliate marketing and online promotions is exaggerated, it will hurt your credibility.

It is generally better to be honest about your lack of experience in affiliate marketing because many CPA networks will appoint a manager to work with you individually to help you with extra support in any areas that you may be lacking. Successful affiliates build strong relationships with their affiliate managers because their role is to help you succeed and they will commit more time and effort to partners they trust, are reliable and deliver on their promises. In return, having a strong relationship also gives you leverage to negotiate better payouts and other perks. It really is one of those scenarios where a win-win relationship benefits all stakeholders.

Algo-Affiliates places a huge amount of emphasis in this area to ensure you have access to their professional and friendly team, 24/7. This makes sense, since the more successful you are at promoting, the more profit you and the CPA network will earn. Therefore, honesty is generally better for you as well as the CPA network.

Be Proactive During the Application Process

CPA networks oftentimes require a phone or instant messenger interview prior to approving your application. If the CPA network has provided direct contact information, you should contact them via phone, email orlive chat. This shows that you are serious about pursuing the affiliate marketing opportunity. Hopefully, by the time the affiliate manager contacts you, he or she will remember that you are the one showing commitment to the affiliate marketing opportunity.

How to Choose a Good CPA network

With the numerous CPA networks out there offering to make you rich quick, it would not be surprising if you were confused about which network would work best for you to make as much profit as possible. There are CPA networks related to all types of niches in the market. Whatever services and products are out there, there is likely a CPA network for them. However, right now, one segment that is particularly profitable for affiliate marketers is the financial trading niche.

This vertical deals primarily with trading platforms, brokers, automated software and trade signal providers. With the recent volatility in the financial and cryptocurrency markets, many people are becoming excited about the potential for profit that this niche can provide. This means investors are looking to open trading accounts, creating great money-making potential for affiliate marketers who are driving traffic to CPA networks focused on the financial trading niche. The top CPA network for this highly lucrative segment is Algo-Affiliates, so now is the time for you to step up and join the world of affiliate marketing.


We have only scratched the surface of this vast, yet exciting money-making field. Affiliate marketing has been around for many years, and there are plenty of people who work for themselves and make an outstanding living by promoting offers and earning commissions. Affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but with some commitment, hard-work and a little creativity its possible to build a really good business. If you’re ready to get started or already an affiliate marketer looking for a great network, then contact Algo-affiliates today!

Affiliate Marketing

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing ranks among the top ways to make money online. The particular appeal for affiliate marketing is the possibility of earning infinite money in a passive manner. The model for affiliate marketing is simple and straightforward: help promote products of other companies and earn commissions off sales made. As an affiliate marketer, you simply act as a digital salesman; the company does all the hard work associated with its product, shipping and distribution and even marketing materials. Simply help with their marketing efforts, and earn a share of their profits. The potential for affiliate marketing is practically unlimited: there are over 3 billion internet users globally, with the number always rising.


But to make good money consistently, you will have to choose a quality affiliate marketing program that will provide you with the best conditions for success. There are numerous affiliate programs around, but we have selected some of the best ones based on parameters such as reputation, price competitiveness, market saturation, commission rates, payout methods, marketing tools, performance tracking, and even terms and conditions.

Find below the best places to earn money by promoting other companies’ products:


1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is a global eCommerce giant, and part of the Big 4 Tech companies in the world alongside Google, Microsoft and Apple. So massive is Amazon that it is well on course to become the first trillion-dollar company in the US by market capitalisation. The Amazon Associates program gives you the chance to earn a share of the billions the company generates in sales and revenue every year. Amazon’s affiliate program is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways for all types of marketers to monetize their blogs, websites or social media presence.

To get started with Amazon affiliate marketing, you will sign up on their site and will be given a unique affiliate link. You will be eligible for commissions if customers buy products through your unique link on the Amazon site. When a customer visits Amazon through your link, the company will give you commissions for whatever products they purchase during a 24-hour window. It is also important to note that you will be eligible for commissions if a customer adds a product to the shopping cart within the 24-hour window but makes an actual order within 90 days, which is the typical timeline it takes for a shopper’s cart to expire. Amazon offers commissions of between 1-10% depending on the type of product an affiliate promotes. But, the percentage of sales is not the only factor that determines your overall commission, your conversion rate also matters. Conversion rate represents the number of customers that click your affiliate link and go on to make purchases. A higher conversion rate translates to higher commissions and vice versa.



  • Easy sign-up. It is quick and simple to get started as an affiliate marketer at Amazon.
  • Big Reputation. Amazon is the authority in global eCommerce, which means that you do not need to convince customers to purchase from their site.
  • Wide range of products. Amazon is literally an ‘A to Z’ retailer offering a wide selection of over 12 million products for marketers to choose from.
  • Affiliates can even earn from products they did not promote if a shopper visits the site through their link and purchases within 24 hours.


  • Huge Competition. As a big and established company, Amazon has attracted a ridiculous number of affiliates which makes competition very intense.
  • Low Commissions. Compared to other affiliate programs, Amazon offers low commission rates to affiliates.
  • It is very hard for beginners without high traffic sites or a huge social media presence to gain traction using the Amazon affiliate program.

2. eBay Partners

eBay is an American multinational that became famous for its auction-style sales model. eBay is now a fully-fledged marketplace with footprints all around the world, and also allows sellers to sell their products at fixed prices. The eBay Partner Network (EPN) was founded in 1998 and remains one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs around. To get started with EPN, you need to first register on the eBay site, and then proceed to apply to join the affiliate program. Afterwards, select a product(s) you wish to promote, create your affiliate link, and share with your audience.

eBay will pay a commission to you if a customer buys an item after visiting the site within 24 hours. For auction sales, you will receive a commission when a customer places a bid within 24 hours of visiting the site through your link and proceeds to win the auction within 10 days. eBay commissions range from 1-5% of sales depending on the type of product. eBay also provides an added bonus if a new or reactivated buyer makes a purchase through your affiliate link; a reactivated buyer is one who has not made purchases on the platform in the past 12 months. eBay disburses payments through PayPal or Direct Bank deposit- it is, therefore, important to ensure you are in a region that supports one or both payment methods.



  • Wide and Interesting product range. There is a selection of over 1.3 billion products at any given time. As well, eBay is known for unique, novel and speciality products that shoppers may find very valuable.
  • Huge Buyer Base. eBay has an estimated 168 million active buyers.
  • Brand Trust. eBay enjoys huge brand recognition and trust among shoppers, having been around since 1995.
  • The new or reactivated shopper bonus can help affiliates boost their earnings.
  • Low payout threshold. eBay has a payout threshold of only $10, which can help new affiliate marketers to start reaping the rewards of their promotion efforts early on.


  • The major disadvantage with eBay is that affiliates can lose money for auction referrals. Most auctions last more than 24 hours, and most buyers usually bid during the final hours of an auction.
  • eBay makes payments once a month, which can be inconvenient for some affiliates.

3. Shopify

Shopify is, without doubt, one of the most used eCommerce platforms globally. The company has managed to deliver a versatile product to enable all levels of businesses (from small traders to enterprise-level corporations) to use their platform for their eCommerce needs. More than 1 million businesses in over 175 countries use the Shopify platform to manage and sell their products online. With offline businesses actively looking for ways to leverage the internet, this number can only rise; and you have a unique opportunity to cash in on that using the Shopify affiliate program.

The Shopify affiliate program is one of the most lucrative. To start with, the program appeals to anyone that wishes to set up an online presence with minimal hassles. Shopify also offers generous rewards to affiliates, with incredible commissions of up to 200%. Commission payouts range from $58-$2000 depending on the plan a user you refer signs up to. The program is particularly ideal for affiliates that have or can build an audience interested in online businesses, drop shipping, eCommerce or teaching courses. The program also boasts comprehensive affiliate and customer support. The Shopify Academy can help your customers meet their needs, while the affiliate program has extensive training products to help you advance your marketing career. Additionally, the company provides a dedicated affiliate manager for all affiliates to enhance support and performance.


  • Market leader. Shopify is a market leader in eCommerce solutions, which makes it easy for affiliates to promote.
  • Compelling product. Shopify has put together a compelling product that appeals to a broad market base. This also helps with conversion.
  • High commissions. Shopify pays out up to 200% per customer, which starts at $58 commission (their basic plan monthly for new clients is $29) to a maximum of $2000 for deals closed for Shopify Plus. This can quickly add up and translate to high earnings.
  • Free trial. New Shopify customers are given a 14-day trial period to test out the eCommerce product. Trials are highly effective in increasing conversion rates.
  • 30-day cookie period. Affiliate marketers qualify for a commission if a customer visits the Shopify site through their link and join a paid plan within 30 days. This is a sufficient time period that can boost conversion.


  • High-cost plans. The more advanced Shopify plans have a high cost attached, which can result in many customers not paying up after the trial period is over.
  • Stringent terms and conditions. Shopify is known to apply stringent terms and conditions that can limit the marketing efforts of users. For instance, there may be restrictions on marketing to betting sites.
  • There are no recurring commissions and no extra bonuses for high volume sales.

4. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate operates as an affiliate marketing marketplace that offers publishers (affiliate marketers) over 4000 advertisers (businesses) to promote. With a history that dates back to 1998, CJ Affiliate has managed to grow to become one of the world’s biggest and best affiliate marketing networks. Affiliate marketers are attracted to CJ Affiliate because of the huge pool of businesses to be promoted- ranging from small and medium brands to established names such as GoPro, Barnes & Noble, Overstock, Lowes and Priceline, among others. The massive choice of advertisers, it means that affiliate marketers can earn in a variety of ways depending on the company they choose to promote. CJ also offers a variety of commission models including CPL (cost per lead), CPS/CPA (Cost per Sale / Cost per Action), Revenue Share and others.

To get started with CJ Affiliate, you will need to fill out a registration form, and when approved you will be given a customer ID as well as access to the advertisers. You will then browse the directory of advertisers to choose which companies you wish to help promote. Different companies have different commission rates as well as terms and conditions. In some instances, new affiliates may have to request permission to promote a particular advertiser, and may not be accepted due to traffic type or demographic reasons. Still, there is a huge list of advertisers to choose from. CJ Affiliate pays its affiliates on the 20th of every month using checks or direct bank deposit. The minimum payable amount is $50.


  • A huge pool of advertisers. Over 4000 companies have tasked CJ Affiliate with managing their affiliate marketing programs. These are some of the biggest and most reputable brands in the world.
  • Publisher toolbox. All new affiliate marketers can access the publisher toolbox for free, to learn timeless tips and tricks that will help in efficient promotion of products.
  • Automation. CJ Affiliate has an automation feature that will let you monetize your commercial links without manually editing old links in your website.
  • Top performers on the CJ Affiliate platform are rewarded with various perks and bonuses. Affiliate marketers that earn over $10,000 monthly also receive a top affiliate badge and are enlisted for the CJP program that provides them with a more personalised CJ Affiliate experience.


  • Payment issues. The high number of advertisers means that there may be sudden issues arising that may impact your payment schedule. In other instances, some advertisers may hold your payments for long periods to ensure there are no customer returns, cancellations or chargebacks.
  • Few payment options. Only check and direct bank deposit options are available, making it inconvenient for some affiliates.
  • Poor customer service. CJ Affiliate is known for poor customer support, with just a contact form available and delayed responses.
  • You may lack approval with a lucrative advertiser if you have not reached defined milestones. This can be a challenge for new affiliates.

5. ClickBank

ClickBank is a top affiliate network that has been around for more than two decades. The platform is particularly known for a wide array of digital products, but there are also more than 12,000 physical products for affiliate marketers to promote and earn from. The company boasts a worldwide presence in over 190 countries, with a customer base of over 200 million. Since its inception, the ClickBank affiliate program has paid out over $4 billion in commissions, and you could be next in line to receive a check from them.

Signing up for ClickBank is quick and easy. And you can sign up as both a vendor and an affiliate marketer. There are numerous product categories, so you will need to select one which aligns with your needs. With numerous products and vendors available, affiliate marketers will find it a challenge to select the best product to promote. ClickBank has created a ‘Gravity Score’ that will show the number of affiliates that have sold a vendor’s product within the last 3 months; each gravity score represents one affiliate sale. ClickBank offers commission rates as high as 75% and allows customers to set their payment schedule, with the shortest period being weekly payments.


  • Reputable Network. ClickBank has built up a reputable brand name that has been around since 1998 as an affiliate marketing network.
  • Knowledge Base. Affiliates can access comprehensive educational resources at ClickBank that will help them fast-track their promotion efforts.
  • High Payouts. ClickBank offers high commission rates that can go as high as 75%. Affiliates can also boost their earnings with digital products that require subscriptions.
  • Flexible Payment Schedule. With ClickBank, you can choose when to receive your payments, whether weekly, fortnightly or as you desire. You also get to set your own payment threshold, and funds will be sent to you as soon as the threshold is hit.


  • Old looking website. The ClickBank marketplace looks old and jaded, with poor user-friendliness.
  • Charges on non-performing accounts. There are fees charged on accounts that post no sales after a certain period of time.
  • Poor customer service. ClickBank has poor customer support that is slow and sometimes unresponsive.
  • Junk products. There are numerous junk products (even scam-ish) that can hurt your reputation if you promote to your audience.

4. Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for small services. Contractors can hire freelancers on the platform to perform tasks for as low as $5 (hence the name Fiverr), but there are also premium-priced services tasks for top talent. When you sign up at Fiverr affiliate program, you get the chance to promote the various digital services freelancers offer. You will earn a CPA (cost per action) of $15-$50 depending on what a customer that visits the site via your link orders. There is also the option of a hybrid payment plan where you will earn $10 CPA, plus a revenue share plan for 12 months.

Aside from freelance services, you can also promote: Fiverr Pro, a service that gives access to exclusive top talents; Fiverr Learn, an educational platform for businesses and freelancers; as well as, an application designed to enhance the operations of freelancers. With the gig economy proving to be the future for a large part of the global workforce and growing by the day, the Fiverr affiliate program offers you the rare chance to earn money from this growing trend.


  • Market leader. Fiverr is one of the top marketplaces for gig workers, which makes it an easy sell for affiliate marketers.
  • Lengthy cookie duration. Fiverr has a 30-day cookie window within which you are eligible to earn commissions from customers who visited the site using your affiliate link.
  • Flexible payouts. The Fiverr affiliate program offers flexible payment options to enable marketers to gain maximum benefits for their promotion efforts.
  • Resources and Support. Fiverr offers numerous handy resources and comprehensive support to help affiliate marketers enhance their promotion activity.


  • Commissions for first-time buyers only. Fiverr pays commissions for first-time customers only, rather than for every future or recurring sale as is with many affiliate programs.
  • Dull marketing banners. Banners are an important marketing tool for affiliate marketers with websites. However, the banner materials offered by Fiverr are dull and unexciting, which may result in low conversions.
  • Fiverr is home to some cheap freelancers who can offer low-quality services to customers.

7. Tripadvisor

With over 500 million unique monthly visitors, Tripadvisor stands out as the world’s largest and most trusted travel community. Travellers use the Tripadvisor platform to find the deals on hotels, restaurants, flights and the best destinations. While most travel platforms operate as selling sites, Tripadvisor is more of a search tool for travellers. The Tripadvisor travel affiliate program gives you a chance to leverage the brand of the company and take advantage of over 700 million reviews as well as a database of over 500,000 hotels and destinations. As your visitors flock to the Tripadvisor site for their travel needs, you will get a chance to earn a piece of the revenues.

Tripadvisor generates revenue based on click-outs made from their site. This means that a customer visiting through your link will have to click on a commercial link on the Tripadvisor site for you to qualify for a commission. This means that no sale is required for you to make money. Tripadvisor pays out a 50% commission for revenue generated as a result your customer click-out. In most cases, this translates to an average of $0.15-$0.75 per click-out. You are also paid if the customer continues to browse other pages during the session even if that was not the landing page you linked to. The Tripadvisor travel affiliate program is managed by the CJ Affiliate Program, which will act as the paying agent. They send commissions monthly.


  • High Payouts. The 50% share of gross revenue generated by click-out is a pretty generous payout.
  • High Conversions. The Tripadvisor affiliate model makes it easy to convert customers. It is easy to earn from click-outs rather than actual sales or hotel bookings. Conversion is also boosted because all user click-outs during a particular period are credited to you. For this reason, most Tripadvisor affiliates record a conversion rate of up to 75%.
  • Brand Recognition. Tripadvisor is an undisputed market leader, which means that you will be promoting a well-known brand trusted by millions of customers.
  • Numerous Deals and Promotions. Tripadvisor regularly updates captivating deals and promotions that will be exciting for any traveller, and thus boost your conversions.
  • There are added incentives and bonuses for high performing affiliates.


  • Too much competition. There are well-established niche travel sites that offer stiff competition to new affiliates.
  • Poor customer service

8. Affiliate Program

With more than 1.5 million rooms that are reserved daily on the platform, is the world’s largest online reservation platform. The company also has over 29 million bookable rooms in over 2.6 million properties scattered across the world. Aside from accommodations, travellers can also books flights, taxis, car rentals as well as other special attractions on the Booking site. The Booking affiliate program is therefore ideal for anyone with an audience that is looking to plan a trip, whether business or just vacation. For their promotion efforts, Booking affiliates will earn 25-40% of the commissions the company derives from bookings- the higher the number of bookings, the higher the commission bracket. Additionally, Booking has added a new property referral product that opens up a new revenue front for affiliates. You will be paid €50 for every successful property referral that completes a booking within 90 days.

You can track your performance on your affiliate dashboard. The company has a payout threshold of €100 and will regularly send credit slips to your email with information on the amount of commission earned in any particular month. Payments are sent out 30-60 days after the payment threshold is achieved.


  • Fast and easy signup. You can get started with the booking affiliate program by easily signing up on the Partner Centre. The process is quick and without any hassles.
  • Reputable Brand. is an established and trustworthy brand that most travellers have used for a long period of time to simplify their trips.
  • Good Customer Support. Booking affiliates can easily contact the professional and responsive support team in case of any issues.
  • Convenient payment methods. Booking pays out using bank wire and PayPal, which is convenient for most affiliates.


  • Discouraging payment plan. Booking affiliates typically receive payments after two months, with commissions sent only after the €100 threshold is achieved. For most affiliates, this can be discouraging and very inconvenient. Furthermore, the countdown begins when a customer completes their stay, rather than when the reservation is done.
  • There is a high payment threshold for affiliates who prefer to receive payments via local bank wire. The threshold is €500.
  • The hotel niche is extremely competitive. This means that only top authority sites rank higher in search engines because of expensive keywords and related ads. For new affiliates, this niche can be very challenging and less rewarding.

9. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the popular ways to become an affiliate with Google and is currently one of the most popular ways for publishers to monetise online. You will just need a Google account, phone number and postal address to sign up with Google AdSense. After that, you can then generate Google AdSense codes to place in your website(s). When applied, Google AdSense automatically serves text, image, video as well as other forms of rich media that are relevant to your content or audience. Publishers are allowed a great deal of customisation with Google AdSense. Upon approval of your account, you can create ad blocks on your site (where and how you wish ads to appear) and you can also decide how many ads you wish to serve to your audience. Google will then determine relevant ads that are also consistent with the theme of your website.

When your site visitors click on the ads, you will be entitled to a share of the cost per click (CPC) revenue. Cost per click is the amount advertisers pay when a visitor clicks on one of their ads on your site. The CPC varies depending on the demographic region of your visitors as well as the category of the product being advertised. To exploit the full potential of Google AdSense, affiliate marketers should regularly create new and engaging content, test different ad blocks, and also use high-value CPC keywords.


  • Passive Income. Google AdSense is a perfect source of passive income compared to other affiliate networks. No extra work needed apart from setting up ads accordingly. There is also no need to create fresh content to post every time.
  • There is no need to update any ads. Google does this automatically in tandem with your audience interests and new ad campaigns created by advertisers on their end.
  • Publishers can create multiple pages, which may generate extra profits that eventually add up.
  • Google ensures that only the highest paying ads relevant to your site and audience go live. This can boost your overall earnings.
  • High customisation. You are in full control of how and where ads are placed on your site.


  • Low payouts. The earnings per click offered by AdSense are very low, which means that marketers require huge amounts of traffic and numerous clicks to make some decent income.
  • Google is known for regularly changing or updating their policies as well as terms and conditions. Sometimes the changes may not align with your site profile and lead to the poor performance of your ads.
  • Probably the major disadvantage with AdSense is that Google is notorious for suspending account without substantive warnings or even reasons. This can be very frustrating for any affiliate marketer.

10. Algo Affiliates

Algo Affiliates is the world’s top Forex, CFD and Crypto affiliate network. The niche falls under the red hot wealth and money category where traffic is all but guaranteed. People are always looking for new and practical ways to make money, and Forex/CFD trading is an exciting prospect for many. But conversion is how money is made in affiliate marketing, and Algo Affiliates boasts some of the best optimisation tools and technology to ensure maximum conversion rates. Algo Affiliates has partnered with over 150 Forex and CFD brokerage firms (all highly reputable and multilingual) from all around the world. The platform also has more than 200 available multilingual offers that include a wide range of customised desktop and mobile creatives designed to maximise conversion rates.

In a high traffic niche, it is vital that all leads you generate are tracked accurately, so you can receive due credit. In this regard, Algo Affiliates has cutting-edge technology systems to ensure every visitor is tracked, so your marketing efforts are rewarded accordingly. As soon as your visitor clicks on a link, Algo Affiliates performance team takes it up from there, utilising high-level conversion techniques to ensure that clicks translate to premium conversions. This has resulted in self-conversion rates of more than 30%.

Algo Affiliates is known for their extremely generous and lucrative commissions. Most offers are on a CPA (cost per acquisition) model for commissions which is ideal for marketers that desire immediate income. High performing marketers are awarded a higher CPA. Additionally, Algo Affiliates also offers other attractive profit-sharing schemes such as Revenue Share, Hybrid Deals, as well as Affiliate Referral deals. The Master Affiliate program is particularly ideal as it enables you to refer top marketers and earn a share of the revenues they generate.


  • Very High Commissions. Algo Affiliates offers extremely attractive commissions to marketers with some of the highest payouts in the industry. There are also endless offers that offer numerous opportunities to boost profits.
  • High Conversion Rates. Algo Affiliates applies top technologies to maximise conversion rates from clicks to registration and deposit.
  • Powerful network system. Cutting-edge technology is implemented across the platform to ensure leads are tracked in a timely and efficient manner, plus affiliates can access thousands of optimized creatives for their marketing.
  • Excellent Customer Support. Algo Affiliates has a multilingual support team that is friendly, professional, responsive and available round the clock to attend to all your issues and concerns.
  • Secure and Convenient Payment Methods. Affiliate marketers can choose from a wide range of safe and convenient payment methods available. As well, there is no minimum payment threshold. You can also design your own payment schedule.


  • Limited to Finance Products. Probably the only drawback is the narrow focus, however, this is also a benefit as staying focused generally produces better results due to targeted traffic.
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – Everything You Need To Know

Affiliate Marketing – Everything You Need To Know

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where a company pays third parties for promoting its products. Essentially, an affiliate marketer is a ‘digital salesman’. A company does the hard work of creating a product or service and the entire support construct behind it; and an affiliate marketer promotes the product in exchange for a fee or commission. Typically, this commission is paid when a successful sale has been made, however it can be based on other criteria.


Affiliate marketing started way before the introduction of the Internet, but it has now grown to become one of the most popular (and extremely rewarding) ways of earning an income online. So, let’s delve into understanding affiliate marketing in more detail and how you can get started.

Why is Affiliate Marketing So Attractive?

Affiliate marketing is important for both the underlying company and the affiliate markets.
For a company, the benefits of running an affiliate marketing program include:

Increased Sales

Affiliate marketing is a powerful magnet to create awareness which increases sales and revenues. A company that applies an affiliate marketing strategy usually partners with publishers, bloggers, online businesspersons and influencers that indirectly act as its marketing team. Affiliate marketers often engage targeted or huge audiences and they can help a company not only to boost its sales but also to exponentially scale up its online business.

Pay is Based on Performance

Affiliate marketing is in essence a type of performance marketing. Unlike traditional marketing paths, a company implementing an affiliate marketing program gives payouts based on performance, rather than mere activity. An affiliate marketer is usually paid when a successful sale is made, and not when they perform marketing activities. For any company, this is a lower-risk, cost-efficient strategy; and additionally, they get to set the commission rates.

Social Proof

Consumers generally trust brand ambassadors; this is what is known as social proof. That is, it is the idea that customers are more readily willing to trust a product which is promoted or recommended by people or companies they know. This is extremely evident with social media influencers whose followers exhibit a higher level of trust when the person they follow endorses or promotes a product. When working with affiliate marketers, a company promotes its products to an audience that they can easily ‘trust’, and this can lead to more direct sales.

Select your ‘Marketing Team’

When a company launches an affiliate marketing program, affiliates apply to join up. They can select the right candidates or networks that they feel will meet their marketing, brand and sales goals. There are many affiliate networks and programs that keep themselves very exclusive by only approving applicants that meet their specific criteria.

Boost Promotions

With an affiliate program, companies can boost any new promotions or products, quickly and effectively. Whether it is an important date, such as Black Friday or Christmas, or simply a discounted clearing sale, experienced affiliate marketers will ensure that the necessary hype is created all around.

Why You Should Consider Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

For affiliate marketers, the program is a powerful way of creating an active and passive income stream.
Here is why it is an incredibly timeless opportunity:

More than 3 billion internet users

There are over 3 billion Internet users across the globe, and it can only grow from here. As more users get connected and access the ‘internet grip’, online shopping and services will only grow; and this will continue making affiliate marketing an attractive proposition for anyone that wants to start an online business.

A global marketplace

With affiliate marketing, the world is your marketplace. The internet ensures that anyone from any corner of the world can buy your product and contribute to the bottom line. A relatively new niche and the perfect example of an affiliate marketing opportunity is cryptocurrency trading. As this market continues to grow exponentially, the potential for affiliate marketers is limitless to tap into many existing markets such as CFD traders, FX traders, investors, etc. A powerful strategy for many affiliates is to cross-sell related products and services.

No warehousing, no inventory

As mentioned above, the company essentially has to do all the work regarding its product; your work is just promoting, no other hassles such as dealing with customer support or product development etc. Whether it is a physical product that needs shipping, or a digital product delivered in any manner, you are not involved in any manner after the lead has completed the required action. For example, as a crypto affiliate marketer, once one of your leads clicks on your link and signs up with a broker and starts to trade, you will be paid.

Money never sleeps

As a digital marketer, you do not have to ‘man’ your website to allow customers in. Customers can visit at any time and from any place, as well as make purchases at any time, and you will get paid, even when you are asleep.

Work at your convenience

Work whenever, wherever and however you desire. With affiliate marketing, you generate money with the flexibility and convenience that you set for yourself.

Low start-up costs

Because you do not produce, store or deliver products, affiliate marketing is a far cheaper business to start and maintain. As well, you can sell any product you want (no obligation to promote what you hate) and have the opportunity to scale it. While some people will claim that there are no costs, this is not true. Like any business you have to make some kind of investment including your time. While starting an online business can be achieved with a tiny budget in comparison to a “brick & mortar” store, it is highly recommended to have working capital.

Who Is Involved in an Affiliate Marketing Program?

To successfully conduct an affiliate marketing program, the following four parties are involved:

1. Affiliates

Also known as publishers, affiliates are the promoters of the product. Affiliates can be individuals or companies that help spread the word about the product. They can use varied strategies, such as blogging, videos, social media or any other relevant media. As stated above, affiliates do not own the products they promote and are not in charge of any other duties (such as shipping or customer service), besides promotion. They are paid when any sale is attributed to their efforts; and their earnings can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. Their payouts also depend on the structure of the affiliate program they sign up to.

2. Merchants

Also known as creators or retailers, merchants are the owners of the product that is to be promoted using an affiliate marketing program. Merchants can range from individual entrepreneurs to big companies that seek to leverage on the power of affiliate marketing to boost their brand awareness, provide social proof and increase sales. Merchants can utilise their own internal affiliate marketing program, or partner with an affiliate network to roll out a promotional campaign.

Merchants set the payout structure to affiliates and may also provide several marketing tools, such as website banners, text widgets, landing /splash pages for the effective promotion of its products. These marketing tools may be provided by the merchant themselves or by the affiliate program or network that manages the affiliate marketing.

3. Affiliate Network

An affiliate network is an intermediary between affiliates and merchants, basically providing management services for an affiliate marketing program. An affiliate network is beneficial to both the merchant and an affiliate, as it ensures proper tracking of affiliate sales and providing detailed reward statistics to both parties. For merchants, an affiliate network ensures that an affiliate marketing program is launched quickly and efficiently to reach a wide audience, especially if it is a niche industry where the network has experience in. An example of a niche affiliate network is Algo-Affiliates which specialises in the Crypto/Forex and finance space. For affiliates, a network can provide a huge pool of products to promote with ease. In some instances, affiliates have to pass through a network in order to join an affiliate marketing program. Another benefit of working with a network is tapping into their knowledge and experience which can cut down on time spent testing and optimizing. Almost always, an account manager is assigned to an affiliate, whose role is to help their affiliates achieve, so developing this relationship is highly beneficial.

4. Consumers

This is the party that completes or rather fuels the affiliate marketing system. It is consumers that buy the product created by the merchant, who in turn will reward the affiliate(s) that promoted it. Consumers are at the core of the affiliate marketing system and due focus should be placed on them by all the other parties. Consumers do not necessarily have to know that they are part of an affiliate program (some affiliates will disclose this, others will not). And they will not pay any extra amount for the product by choosing to buy through an affiliate, because any affiliate fee is already factored in by the merchant. Always remember, “The Customer is King”.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based activity. As discussed above, an affiliate will promote a product to the consumer, and if a successful sale (or specific action is done), he/she will be paid by the merchant. The way the affiliate program tracks which affiliate referred a customer is through unique tracking links which the program provides the affiliate. These links often look like a URL with some unique numbers or characters that are associated to a specific affiliate. When a potential customer clicks on a link, whether it be a banner, button or text link, the affiliate tracking system registers this and assigns it to the affiliate. Then, depending on the earnings model and action required to trigger a commission that affiliate tracking platform monitors and manages this. As an affiliate, you will be given a login to this platform so you can track your performance and there are also often analytical tools so that you can analyse the performance of your marketing activities.

Here are some of the major earnings models used by affiliate marketing programs:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

In this model, an affiliate will get paid for clicks generated on a merchant’s advert. It does not matter whether a sale or even a lead was generated. In terms of revenues, this is not always an attractive model for a merchant, but it can be ideal when the target is to enhance brand recognition and visibility. Overall, the merchant assumes all the majority of the risk, and there have been concerns that the model can lead to some unethical marketing practices; a reason why it is not common nowadays.

Pay Per Action (PPA)

This is a more unambiguous payment model, where a merchant will only pay the affiliate when the consumer performs certain actions. The actions could be generating a lead (CPL Cost per Lead) such as filling a form. The most common models are CPA (Cost per Action) / CPS (Cost per Sale), and this is typically reliant on the lead then making a purchase, or any other specified actions. This is the most common model, and the most efficient one for both parties. For an efficient affiliate, this is more lucrative, while for a merchant, it can be a bit more expensive, but more impactful nonetheless. A merchant gets to pay for certainty, and an affiliate is generously rewarded for conversion.

When it comes to payouts, there are different structures. Some merchants pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even quarterly. As an affiliate, you can choose a payment structure that aligns with your goals. For a merchant / program, it is important to not only choose a structure that will allow for appropriate measuring of your performance metrics, but also to choose the most suitable one for accelerating your affiliate efforts.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing

The first step to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is to develop a business plan. Like any other business, you need to make various decisions, set goals, create a plan of action and execute the various tasks.

The first task to perform in order to develop your plan is to do research into the various niches you may wish to focus on and identify the products and programs that will meet this criterion. Here are some of the key considerations:

Select a Niche

Select a specific audience that you intend to promote to. Ideally it should be an area you are passionate about or at least have good knowledge of. A good niche is one that is profitable, has affiliate or link opportunities, and preferably a fair amount of competition. Yes, competition is good. If there is no competition, it’s probably not a very lucrative opportunity. The cryptocurrency space is an excellent example.

Choose the Best Affiliate Programs

Take time to research affiliate programs, networks and merchants to deal with in your preferred niche. This is where your income will come from, so a thorough study of your options is very prudent. You will be examining factors like market saturation, commission rates, price competitiveness, payout method and timelines, performance tracking, marketing tools, and even terms and conditions. This will allow you to only consider the best programs according to your needs.

After researching the best affiliate programs, you will still need to sign up with them. It may be straightforward with some programs, but others may demand more from their prospective affiliates.

Check out the Affiliate Platform

A merchant can decide to develop an in-house affiliate program, or to go with an affiliate network, such as Algo-Affiliates. Irrespective which direction they choose, the affiliate tracking and management software is the heart of everything and if it doesn’t track properly or provide you with user-friendly functionality your marketing efforts may be wasted.

Marketing Materials

No matter your preferred platform, it should be ready with numerous creative marketing resources that will ensure successful marketing campaigns. Take a look to see if there are text links, banners, video materials, and any other marketing tool that will make it easier to promote more effectively.

Program Management

Like any business relationship you want to be working with a program that has a solid reputation and is there to assist you. An affiliate marketing program has many issues to deal with: from affiliate recruitment and performance monitoring to payout terms and on-going quality assurance. It is advisable to build a strong relationship with your appointed account manager. Networks like Algo-Affiliates are renowned in their niches and place a huge emphasis on working closely with their affiliates, because the more their affiliates achieve, the more they achieve.

Promote and Make Money

Congratulations on becoming an affiliate, but the hard work starts here. You now have to start your marketing campaigns to get your audience to buy products. If you do not have a website, you may want to develop one and drive traffic to it. There are various strategies to drive solid traffic to your site. One of the best ways to generate quality organic traffic is by creating excellent content that in turn will assist you in achieving search engine rankings. This can be in the form of blogging, product reviews and evergreen content. Other strategies may involve paid traffic on major sites, such as Facebook and Google, email list building, and niche upselling.

You will definitely need to creatively use various resources provided by the merchant or affiliate network, such as in-text links, banners, periodic discounts, giveaways or free trials, in order to run an effective campaign.

Final Word

Affiliate marketing is an effective and powerful marketing strategy in this digital age. When executed efficiently, it can lead to huge profits for both merchants and affiliates. Your time to step into the affiliate marketing arena is now, so sign up with a reputable affiliate marketing network, such as Algo-Affiliates, and start extracting every drop of value from your online traffic.