The Complete Guide to the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

If you have been in affiliate marketing for a while, then you have probably heard about super affiliates. If you are serious about making real money from affiliate marketing, then you must surely aspire to become one. But the question you are probably asking yourself is how can you become a super affiliate? Surely low paying affiliate programs won’t be of much help in fulfilling your desires. Indeed, if you are serious about making money from affiliate marketing, what you need are the highest paying affiliate programs. 

If you are hearing about these programs for the first time, then continue reading as in this article we will highlight what the highest paying affiliate programs are, how you can get started with them, and as a bonus, we have also included some options to help you choose the right one. 

What Are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

There is no single definition for the highest paying affiliate programs. These programs are also known as high ticket affiliate programs and the bottom line is that they pay handsome commissions for each referral.

The highest paying affiliate programs often feature merchants that offer expensive products and services. This essentially means large ticket sales, and as such, this leads to higher commissions. Payouts can easily range from $500-1000 or even more yet despite the attractive earning potential, you will need to remember that you will need to put the effort in to generate leads that convert into sales for such high commissions. 

A wide variety of products are advertised through the highest paying affiliate programs such as gambling offers, enterprise software, finance products, and high-ticket coaching programs. To succeed in generating sales with these products, a super affiliate will need to ensure that they are an influential voice in the industry and can be trusted. Due to this reason, most super affiliates focus on just a limited number of products or niches. In this way, they are able to focus on building themselves as an authority that offers quality information, value, and service to ensure that the sale is closed. 

It is worth noting that the actual commission amount offered by the highest paying affiliate programs should not be viewed in isolation. What this means is you must factor in things like conversion rates, cookie expiration (cookie window), EPCs, payout schedules, and more.  

So, Who Is A Super Affiliate?

Super affiliates often have quite successful careers in affiliate marketing and generally, they deal with the highest paying programs and make significant earnings from their sales. Most of the super affiliates specialize in a specific niche, and their profits can easily equal that of the combined earnings of several smaller affiliate marketers put together. It’s quite common for super affiliates to make 6 or even 7 figure commissions. 

One of the things that super affiliates do to achieve success is signing up with the right affiliate programs or networks that give them the opportunity to access high-ticket products and services. And we made it easier for you to do the same! Simply keep reading for some more information that will help you choose the right affiliate network along with some tips to help you promote high-ticket products with great success. 

How to Get Started With the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

You will need some help along with tips and tricks if you want to start and succeed with high-paying affiliate programs. It’s obvious that the strategy for these programs will differ greatly from the strategies employed for small-ticket programs. As an affiliate marketer, if you are serious about making money and becoming a super affiliate, you will need to step up your game for the highest paying affiliate programs. 

The first thing that you need to do is choose the right program or network. Making this choice will largely determine whether or not you become a super affiliate. In case you decide to work with multiple programs simultaneously, the task will become increasingly complex and as such, it’s advisable to start with just one program or network at least in the beginning. Based on this, it makes more sense to join an affiliate network as opposed to an affiliate program. 

Most affiliate networks, particularly the reputed ones, allow you to choose from a range of affiliate offers. You can be assured that all the merchants have been verified and you don’t need to worry about being scammed or having been left without any payment for all your hard work. 

An affiliate network will give you access to a wide range of offers and niches and the network does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You also don’t need to worry about managing things with many affiliate programs and platforms as well as payments from multiple programs. The network is essentially a one-stop solution for all your needs as an affiliate. 

If you are interested in accessing a range of high ticket offers, then ATraffic is home to some of the best and highest paying merchants across the globe with plenty of high-quality marketing material. It also has an AI-powered optimization tool that can help you drive up conversions. If you are serious about becoming a super affiliate, your first choice should be ATraffic.  

Choosing the Ideal Highest Paying Affiliate Program: What Should You Look for?

As mentioned above, choosing the right affiliate program will be the determining factor in your success as it will have the most impact on your future results. 

The best and easiest way is to select a program that you know has worked for others in the past. You also need to consider your audience and think about the kind of products that have worked for the audience in the past. If a product works for others, then it may also work for you, especially if the product has excellent reviews and is practically “self-selling”.

The next point worth noting is that the factor that sets the highest paying programs apart from average ones is the advertised product. You need to look at the product carefully when determining the right program and must decide if it is a viable option for your audience. For example, if you already own a website that offers information about top-selling vacuum cleaners, it makes no sense for you to start promoting jewelry products. Also, keep in mind that there are no specific rules as only you are the one who best understands your audience. Giving them the information and products that interest them will be key to your success. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the ideal product:

  • Is the product popular?

You need to ensure that the product in question has a significant market and is popular among audiences before joining any program. Some merchants offer higher commissions because they know how difficult it is to sell their products. Avoid such products as a program may not be worth it even if it pays lucratively if the product is too difficult to sell. Check the product’s reviews online and determine if other affiliates have been successful with it or not before signing up for an affiliate program. This is even more crucial if you have chosen a difficult niche. 

  • Is the product of high quality?

You must also keep in mind that becoming an affiliate for a specific product gives others the impression that you have in a way partnered with the company behind the product. As such, it’s important to ensure that you only choose products that are of high quality and won’t harm your reputation. 

Your reputation is the most important asset that you have as a super affiliate. Thus, choosing a poor deal may cause distrust among your audience and harm your business prospects. To become a super affiliate with the highest paying programs, you need to think about long-term sustainability and must choose only high-quality products. If the products chosen by you are of poor quality, you may end up switching offers regularly to maintain your commissions which is time-consuming and harms your reputation. 

  • Is the product a legal burden?

You also need to be wary about the legal requirements behind high-end products and affiliate programs. Some affiliate programs have to adhere to strict laws and regulations when it comes to certain products and services. Always check whether the program of your choice requires you to adhere to specific laws or legal regulations, and this is especially important if you are just starting out. There is no purpose for example to try and encourage your audience to sign up with a leading forex broker when the broker does not offer their services to traders in specific countries. 

  • Does the product offer multiple ways to earn?

You also need to check if you can earn in multiple ways from the same product. The highest paying affiliate programs tend to stand out through lucrative commissions, tier commissions, and recurring monthly commissions. Check the options that are available from the programs you intend to join and determine if they are profitable enough for you. 

In addition to checking the product or service offered, you also need to enquire about other aspects of the programs. You must understand the cookie duration and attribution and how it will affect your commission. 

You must also note that sometimes, it’s better to build your audience from scratch as it allows you to target the right customers. If you have been promoting other products that are pretty affordable, then switching to high-end programs may not be the right move. Your audience may not be up for the task as they are used to certain goods that are affordable and your campaigns may hit the proverbial wall. 

Building a new audience allows you to target the right people that are interested in high-end products. You can be assured that in this way, you are targeting the right audience and you can create content for people who are willing to spend more on high-ticket products. 

  • Conversion Rates and EPC

You must also carefully check the conversion rates and EPC for the various offers before joining a program. If the conversion rates or EPCs are low, then you will never earn good commissions, no matter how high the commissions are. This step is integral for the due diligence of various programs as, without any prior information about conversion rate and EPC, you might end up wasting time, money, and resources on campaigns with poor ROI. 

Ways to Increase Your Earnings from High Ticket Affiliate Programs 

Hopefully, by now, it’s been clear to you that selling high-end affiliate products is not an easy task. So, let’s have a look at how others achieve this. Here are three simple tactics that you can use:

Familiarize Yourself With SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you get your web pages to be visible on search engines, which is necessary if you want to generate highly targeted organic traffic. Anyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer needs to know about SEO. 

The best thing about SEO is that once you’ve learned more about it and mastered it, you can use it wherever you want whether it’s your blog posts or web pages. So, allocate some time to study SEO and you can also enroll in one or two courses focused on SEO. Having a solid understanding of SEO will allow you to apply vital principles learned in your content. 

Promote The Links On Different Platforms

If you are venturing into the highest paying affiliate programs, then you cannot simply rely on your blog posts and expect the bucks to roll in. What you need is an impressive audience across different channels that you can leverage for more earnings. 

You can use literally hundreds of marketing channels for promoting your affiliate links. You can build an email list and use it to target potential customers, open a YouTube channel and make videos reviewing the said product or service. Or use social media platforms such as Facebook to promote posts and ads that contain your affiliate link. 

Whatever the case, always try to choose multiple platforms and run campaigns simultaneously across them. Remember to ensure that you don’t bite off more than you can chew or end up spreading yourself too thin. Pick a few channels, get them running profitably, and expand across other channels. Most affiliate marketers find that certain products sometimes perform better with different marketing channels. This information and insight are vital to your success.  

Stay Consistent

Affiliate marketing is not a one-time thing as you will need to keep ramping up your efforts to be successful. Many affiliates make the mistake of stopping once they start achieving success with a single product or marketing channel. You need to keep launching campaigns and remain consistent to become a super affiliate. 

You also need to keep in mind that not all your campaigns will be successful and if one campaign fails, then you need to keep moving on to the next one until you find the one that works. Giving up just won’t cut it while moving ahead will allow you to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and will help you remain motivated. 

Bonus Tips: How to Become a Super Affiliate

  1. Make affiliate marketing your priority – Many affiliate marketers get into the business by wrongly believing that they can earn some “passive income” with little effort, which is certainly not true. To become a super affiliate, you need to understand that you can’t take a back seat as affiliate marketing requires a good amount of effort. You must make it a full-time job and keep taking lots of action consistently and these actions will help you reach your financial goals. You must have a clear list of tasks that you need to accomplish each day and must always bounce back after a failed campaign. 
  2. Find a profitable niche – Most successful affiliates often work hard to better establish themselves as experts in their chosen nice. If you are one of those affiliates who promote programs across different industries, then choosing a particular niche is what you need to do to bag the high-end offers. Ensure that you choose a niche where people are interested in the products offered by you and merchants and ensure that the network you sign up with offers high commissions for products or services in this niche. Also, make sure that you have a good command of the niche so that you can offer your audience valuable content. If you are not an authority on what you are promoting, you reduce your chances of success
  3. Channel your inner creativity – Many affiliates forget that affiliate marketing requires one to be creative and think outside the box. And this is especially true when creating marketing strategies. You also need to understand that marketing strategies that work today, may not work tomorrow. Always try to find ways to remain relevant, especially in how you market the products, so you can continue making sales even when there are significant shifts in marketing trends. 

Join ATraffic and Access a Highest Paying Affiliate Network

Now you have all that you need to be successful in affiliate marketing. If you have been wondering how to get started with the highest paying affiliate programs, then we have just covered everything that needs to be discussed in the post above. It’s a difficult task surely but is quite doable and possible. With the help of the right strategies, you will be able to earn lucrative commissions. 

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