The Best Tips to Find Reputable Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to monetize your blog, website, or your social media presence. If you have already established decent authority in a particular niche, you could use affiliate marketing to generate a sizeable income. However, if you are new to affiliate marketing, the first thing you need to do is to find reliable companies that have affiliate programs. 

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when they begin with affiliate marketing is that they fail to choose the right program or network. Depending upon the niche you operate in, it’s vital for you to choose a reputable affiliate program that will help succeed.  

Joining the wrong affiliate program could spell disaster for your income and marketing efforts. If you spend lots of money promoting something that you don’t firmly believe in or doesn’t sit within your niche, you’ll just lose more money. That’s obviously counterintuitive to your original targets. 

It doesn’t matter whether you already have experience with affiliate marketing or if you are new to the game, learning how to find reputable companies that have affiliate programs is critically important. Your entire marketing strategy will depend on the program or network you work with. 

But how do you find the best companies that have affiliate programs? Here are a few tips that will help you find the best affiliate programs. 

Join an Affiliate Network

One of the best things that you can do if you want a range of brands and products to promote is to join an affiliate network. A reputable affiliate network like ATraffic can make matters considerably easier for you. They give you access to an extensive range of affiliate offers from several popular niches, including dating, finance, health and wellness, gambling, entertainment, and many others. 

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of sifting through hundreds of companies that have affiliate programs, joining an affiliate network like ATraffic is an excellent idea. You can easily choose from offers within your niche and then make an informed decision about which ones to promote. 

Choose Companies with a Reputation to Maintain

If you want to play it safe, one of the best things that you can do is to join an affiliate program from a company that has a solid reputation. Once you have selected a suitable affiliate program, do some digging about the company. Find out when the company was established, its product line, and get a better understanding of what reviewers have to say about the brand.

If a company has a strong reputation within a specific industry, it will fight tooth and nail to maintain it. These companies may offer lesser commissions, but at least you’ll be associating your name with an established brand. More importantly, reputable companies that have affiliate programs are also willing to go the extra mile for their affiliates and you can have peace of mind that you will get your commissions. 

They offer a comprehensive range of tools and promotional materials including banners, promotional landing pages, and a lot more. This will make affiliate marketing considerably easier for you. Before you decide to join an affiliate program from any brand, it’s always a wise move to read a bit about it.

There’s no shortage of resources available online, so you can sift through reviews and get a better understanding of the program. You can even view screenshots of the reporting dashboard and the affiliate area so that you know exactly what you’ll be working with. 

Before you pull the trigger to start working with a program or network, give them a call and speak with an affiliate manager and ask lots of questions. Just like a job interview or a date, you want to know who you are going to partner with. 

Look for Evergreen Products

A little-known secret to success with affiliate marketing lies in finding evergreen products. There are plenty of products that become popular for a while, launch a new fad, and then completely fizzle out. For instance, do you remember the fidget spinner? It became hugely popular for a while, but then completely vanished. 

If you are joining financial affiliate programs, it’s important you look for products and services that can withstand the test of time. These are known as evergreen products. These are products that will sell well for several years and are not affected by the change in market trends. 

This is one of the best ways to generate consistent money from affiliate programs. Most professional affiliate marketers usually promote a mix of different products, but their primary recurring revenue is from evergreen products. All it takes is a bit of work in the beginning, but once you are able to get your marketing efforts off the ground, you will reap the rewards for years to come. 

Have Personal Interest for What You Are Selling

It’s always a wise idea to sell something that you feel helps others and you have some interest in. However, many affiliate marketers make the mistake of selling items that they do not have any personal affection for. That’s always a bad idea, and no matter what you do, providing value for your readers will be challenging. 

This is going to affect your marketing as well and may sway customer opinion. By using the product, there are a number of important things that you will be able to figure out. First of all, it will give you a better understanding of the sales process, from the moment the order is placed till the time of delivery.

Secondly, you will be able to better gauge the company’s customer support department. In case you have a query or confusion, the company should be able to answer those for you. If replies are late, you might want to add that in your review. 

More importantly, using the product will give you a better understanding of the packaging, its performance, and its overall quality. Remember, if you want to do affiliate marketing correctly, you need to think like a buyer. Bear in mind, you can create review videos of the product that will strengthen your marketing and allow you to leverage platforms like YouTube. 

If you are not enthusiastic about a particular product, why would you want to market it? When looking for companies that have affiliate programs, it’s always important that you choose a product that you feel strongly about. Try it out first before you decide to join the affiliate program. 

Find a Company That Values Its Affiliates

Joining an affiliate network like ATraffic is an excellent idea because you will be able to work with a company that values its affiliates. You can get a better understanding simply by going through the company’s sales page. You will notice options for advertising blocks, a bunch of alternate payment methods, and various tools that you can use to promote their products. 

Some of the best companies that have affiliate programs also provide images, banners, landing pages, email templates, as well as stats, and demographics on how their affiliates have been performing. They usually allow affiliates access to certain marketing information that they can use in order to market the products in a more effective manner. 

Finding a company that really values its affiliates is incredibly important. It will allow you to approach them in case of a problem, and it will also make it easy for you to create a more comprehensive marketing strategy that really works for you. 

Always Check Tracking Functions

One of the most important things that you need to check is the tracking mechanism. How easy is it to track referrals that you generate for the affiliate program? It’s imperative that you carefully go over the process and make sure that there are no flaws in it. 

If you can’t track referrals successfully, there’s a strong risk that your sales will go unreported, and your commissions will be lower than you would have expected. 

Ideally, you should cover everything from your end. This means making sure that each individual link redirects to the right destination, and that the appropriate identifier has been added to the link. Then, you will want to check whether the affiliate program is recognizing the link and whether it’s being tracked the right way.

If there’s something wrong with the tracking links, you won’t be able to get your commission. More importantly, when selecting an affiliate program, make sure that there are upsells that you can offer to your audience. The right upsells could potentially double your revenue. 

You can use a variety of different upselling techniques to further increase your revenue. 

Don’t Follow the Crowd

Popular affiliate networks like ATraffic make it easy for people to get access to a wide range of affiliate offers. These include offers from several popular niches like finance, dating, gambling, entertainment, and various others. Now, in any of these niches, you will find quite a few marketers promoting the same products.

However, following the crowd is not always the best idea. Yes, you want there to be some competition as this is a quick litmus test that there is a market for the product, however, you don’t want to find yourself in a totally saturated space. 

Ideally, you need to look for diamonds in the rough. Look for products that are starting to get popular and position yourself so that when demand grows you will be ready to reap the rewards. You can use Google Trends in order to determine interesting products and ideas in different niches. 

Finding a quality product isn’t easy, but once you find one, you can generate significant revenue from it. Not only will it give you a great deal of confidence that you are promoting something that’s valuable and efficient, but also one that’s useful for people. 

Commission Per Sale

This one’s fairly obvious, but it’s still worth a mention. When comparing companies that have affiliate programs, you might want to take a look at the commission for a sale that’s being offered. You should ideally start with the terms and conditions first to get a firm understanding of how much you can stand to gain by promoting the offer.

For instance, let’s assume an affiliate program pays you a 30% commission for each sale. This is a fairly large percentage, but what if each product is priced at $5? Essentially, you are making just $1.50 per sale. So, in order to stand any chance of generating a viable income, you need to sell in large quantities.

This is going to have a major effect on your marketing strategy. Do you feel that earning $1.50 per sale is worth all of the time and money that you spend on promotions? Similarly, what if you join an affiliate program that’s offering a 10% commission, but each product is priced at $700? 

Essentially, that’s $70 per sale. That’s a decent amount of money and you could invest more in your promotional efforts. It’s important for you to join an affiliate program that delivers decent returns on your investment. More importantly, you also need to determine how quickly you can reach the payment threshold. 

Using a variety of lead generation tips is a great way to generate more qualified traffic and sell better. Figuring out how quickly you can reach the payment threshold is also an important factor that you need to take into account. 

Take a look at the minimum payout being offered by the company. This is essentially the lowest threshold that you need to meet in order to get paid. Most companies don’t find it viable to pay micro amounts to their affiliates. That’s because transaction charges come into play as well.

Ideally, your aim should be to join an affiliate program through which you can generate recurring commissions. Recurring revenue is a great way to boost your profits and focus more on growing your affiliate business. It will allow you to establish the groundwork that you need to focus on creating more comprehensive marketing campaigns.

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