The Best Companies With Affiliate Programs

The constant thing that’s always on the mind of every affiliate is commission. If you are like any ambitious affiliate, then you probably want to wake up to some incredible commission figures in your affiliate account from affiliate sales.

A great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can earn even when you are sleeping if you have set up your campaigns effectively. You also have the chance to get you and your loyal followers, exclusive information and deals; and get paid for it. 

Easy money, right? Well, that’s one way to look at it. But, you should know there’s a lot of grind that goes into earning. 

From website builders to online courses for marketers, everyone in every field can have a piece of the cake in this lucrative field. And there are lots of companies with affiliate programs, you only have to choose the right ones. No worries, though. This article will cover that, and more. 

The Major Update For Companies With Affiliate Programs

2020 was a tough year that left almost every business sector wounded, thanks to the novel Coronavirus. Then 2021 came around and the affiliate marketing field was on its knees begging for an update. Many companies with affiliate programs had to re-strategize to get business rolling again. 

That has worked for most companies with affiliate programs. And they continue to soar even during this pandemic. Cryptocurrency affiliates, for instance, have had some good times. The industry has been doing incredibly well over the past few months as more and more people flock to trade and invest in digital currencies.

Those in the travel vertical, on the other hand, have had it rough. Lots of places have closed their doors to visitors due to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic. However, there have been worthy alternatives that have since emerged. 

A good number of affiliate programs also received some data updates. In fact, almost all of them did. To stay relevant to the changing environment, many affiliate programs have made the necessary changes to meet the needs of people today. 

Another sector affiliates should keep an eye on are the mobile networks. They have proved effective, preferred by most web users and their popularity is growing at a super-fast rate. 

Push notifications companies and Mobile CPA affiliate networks have come in handy for push traffic mobile platforms and smartphone apps, so this could be something you could consider.

Affiliate Programs – The Fundamentals

Affiliate programs are set by merchant companies for the sole purpose of promoting their products and services. Affiliates who have mastered their craft have reaped amazing rewards, hence the boom in this industry. 

The affiliate programs are meant to dictate and regulate the behavior of each party assigned to the program. 

Affiliates who join these networks or programs are provided with a dashboard where they organize their campaigns, plan their marketing moves, and track commissions they earn by promoting specific companies’ products and services. This, for the longest time, has been a crucial recipe for affiliate marketing success. 

The affiliate marketing industry has seen an influx, especially for people trying to work from home, and others finding alternative sources of income. Since most businesses have also opted for online presence, companies with affiliate programs have significantly increased. 

The increased level of competition in this coveted field has seen affiliates uncover their creative side. For instance, they no longer only rely on their blogs to share their affiliate links. Social media has proven to be a powerful tool, too. Most affiliates have realized that, and they are using it effectively to make a killing. 

Lucrative Business Models By Companies With Affiliate Programs

One of the fundamentals of successful affiliate marketing is employing the right business models. Building such depends on how well you know your audience, and the product or service you are endorsing. 

So which models are the most lucrative, and will generate more revenues for you? Check out the following:

  • CPM (Cost Per Thousand)

Here, an affiliate is paid for ads shown on his/her platform, whether or not they lead to sales. From a publisher/ affiliate point of view, this could just be one of the easiest and most profitable business models.

Make-no-mistake, though, this model won’t always guarantee the effective use of your inventory. You may also not be able to get to know your audience well, including what really moves them to action. In order to generate substantial income from CPM, you will need large volumes of traffic. But, still, this model can have you generating some decent cash inflow. 

  • CPC (Cost Per Click)

Unlike the CPM model, CPC doesn’t pay you for all the views, but only the ones that result in a click. 

By all means, you must strive to know your audience well to succeed with this model. Knowing your audience’s interests will help you serve exactly what they need and that will have you generating even higher revenues. 

But, still, you are only paid for ads that lead to clicks. The worst-case scenario would be displaying a whole bunch of ads that nobody clicks on, resulting in no revenues at all. That usually happens when you display ads outside your audience’s interests.  Each click is only worth a small amount, so you will need a substantial amount of traffic to generate a substantial income. 

  • CPA (Cost Per Action)

CPA is one of the most commonly used earnings models in affiliate marketing. In this model, advertisers will only pay after a specific,  clearly defined action is taken by your traffic. That could include subscribing to a channel, installing an app, registering for an account or subscribing for a service, and various others.

For the affiliate, this can be a goldmine since the advertiser would mostly be willing to go to greater lengths to offer better payments for the specific actions they need. 

CPA can be a fixed once-off amount, a percentage of revenue once-off, or it could be a recurring commission, so be sure to check the terms of the agreement when entering into a CPA deal. 

  • CPS (Cost Per Sale)

Here, the publisher is paid for every sale made from an ad, at an agreed commission rate. From a publisher’s point of view, this model might not be so favorable. You could load your website with all the ads, send traffic to the merchant, but if no sales are made, you won’t earn any commissions. With CPS, you are heavily reliant on the merchant doing their job well to convert your leads into sales. 

But from the advertiser’s view, this arrangement is effective since they only pay for the adverts that convert into sales. 

The bottom line is – these earnings models differ on what to pay affiliates for, that is, ad view clicks, or clicks accompanied by specific actions. You want to be conscious and take your time when choosing the best model to work with. 

Payout Conditions For Companies With Affiliate Programs

The only driving force for any affiliate are the earnings. That is, making more, but most importantly, cashing out. Most affiliate companies pay their affiliates based on the following conditions:

  • Payment Frequency – Most companies pay their affiliates monthly. This is a crucial consideration when deciding which companies you’ll work with. Choose one that remits payments more often if this is what you need.
  • Minimum payout – Many affiliate companies will require that affiliates have a certain minimum balance to be able to withdraw. Small-dollar payouts may prove to be a bother, so many companies place their minimum account balance eligible for withdrawal to be $100. 

The worst-case scenario would be a company charging you (the affiliate), for failing to maintain a certain minimum balance. This is the policy for some companies with affiliate programs. Such should guide you in choosing the right one for you. 

The bottom line? We recommend going for a company that pays as regularly as possible and has a low minimum balance requirement to cash out. ATraffic is an excellent affiliate network to consider here. 

What to Look for in Companies With Affiliate Programs

Choosing the best companies with affiliate programs goes a long way. 

You have to check their commissions, average order value, cookie duration, and earnings per click. You want to find programs with higher payouts, long cookie durations, higher AOV, and higher earnings per click.

Let’s look at these in detail.

  • Commissions 

This is the percentage of sales revenue that an affiliate gets for referring a customer to the advertiser. The agreed figure is mostly fixed per sale. However, for some affiliate programs, this may increase under special conditions such as:

  1. When there are more sales
  2. When there is a promotion e.g., for new subscribers or sign-ups on certain services
  3. When the advertiser offers different commissions for each product sold

So, here’s the catch – among other factors, consider the affiliate program offering the highest commission.

  • Average Order Value

Average order value is the measure of the average total per order placed by a customer over a certain duration. We are simply working out how much a customer spends every time they place an order on a website. We work out the Average Order Value by dividing the revenue by the number of orders. To get an indication of the AOV you can ask your affiliate manager. 

  • Cookie Duration

Cookies are stored in the end users’ devices and are used to track affiliate sales. The cookie lifetime, that is, the duration the cookies remain valid on the end user’s device when they click on an affiliate link,  is a crucial factor every affiliate must consider. 

This duration from the initial click to the actual time of purchase determines whether or not an affiliate will be eligible for commissions. Affiliate programs with a short cookie lifetime may not be so appealing. Standard cookie duration is generally 30 days for most programs. Others may go as low as 7 days or less, or up to 90+ days. 

The bottom line? Pay extra attention to the cookie lifetime policy of an affiliate program. Choose programs with the longest cookie lifetime for better chances of multiplying your affiliate earnings. 

  • Earnings Per Click

EPC is a metric used to work out the average earnings an affiliate is eligible for, for every click on their affiliate link to the advertiser’s platform. You calculate this by dividing your total earnings by the number of clicks generated over a certain period of time. When choosing an offer to promote, be sure to ask your affiliate manager what the overall EPC is for the offer. Understanding the EPC is a great way to understand if your EPC for your campaigns is above or below the average. 

Go for affiliate programs with higher earnings per click. Feel free to juggle between different programs as you work to maximize your payouts. 

Ready To Roll? Join ATraffic Today

In this era of the internet and technology, reliable income is the holy grail of financial independence. Truth is, affiliate marketing isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme that will guarantee some bucks rolling in. So, you might want to get yourself off the easy-money mentality here. 

Instead, it takes lots of hard work, dedication, and pressing the right buttons to get there. And, if done effectively, it can turn out to be complete magic. The first step is finding the right companies with affiliate programs to join. This article has set you up with the basics, but there is always more to learn on your journey to success.  

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