New Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Affiliate marketing has revolutionized the e-commerce industry, there’s no question about it. The various programs offer you the chance to post affiliate links on your site and other channels to earn commissions based on sales that you generate. 

As such, affiliate marketing has become an integral part of many bloggers’ business models. However, it’s not without its negative aspects.

While these programs can be quite lucrative, many bloggers find that this approach is not working for them. This could be for any number of reasons. Maybe their sites’ content doesn’t match what is being promoted in the affiliate programs or the offers are not enticing enough. 

One way to get around this is by joining new affiliate programs that are emerging online. This article will talk about how the new kids on the affiliate marketing block are making a mark in this lucrative industry and everything else you should know to hop on new affiliate programs. Let’s get to it. 

Understanding New Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Being an affiliate is always a great way to make money and joining these new affiliate programs can give you an extra boost. Many new affiliate programs provide special rates and bonuses to people who sign up early. 

Whenever someone clicks on one of your links and buys something then you get paid a commission for the sale. If you’re lucky enough, not only might the person who bought the item come back and buy again, but they might also tell their friends.

Most affiliates manage multiple program accounts to maximize their earning potential. New affiliate programs add even more earning potential. 

To increase your earnings, it’s a good idea to have multiple affiliate programs on offer so that if one doesn’t work out well for you then there is always another avenue to pursue. But don’t spread yourself too thinly, otherwise, you won’t get a good return on any of them.

Ensure that your reputation is intact by verifying how these new affiliate programs compare to established affiliate programs. As always, be sure to do your due diligence before signing up for any new affiliate programs or product promotions that are not part of a reputable affiliate program. 

Getting it Right With New Affiliate Programs 

As long as you can find a product or service which people will buy, make sure you choose the right affiliate program to work with, and generate lots of traffic then you’ll see an increase in your revenue. Here are some tips:

  • Niche Down

A key lesson is to choose a niche and stick to it. Don’t try and sell everything under the sun, or else the returns might not be worth your while. 

The two things that should guide you here are (1) your level of expertise and (2) the target market. While these won’t necessarily bring it home on a silver platter, they’ll set you up to an even higher chance of owning a space in this competitive field. 

To bring the point home, consider this illustration:

If you have a website that’s about fashion then find affiliate programs for fashion accessories. If it’s something big like flat-screen TVs then find a new affiliate program for these, too, and so on.

Focusing on the area of your expertise will also help you attract and build a more focused audience.

  • Commissions 

When you choose your new affiliate programs, the main thing to look for is commissions. Some offer a commission of 10% while others will pay up to 75%. Obviously, the latter will be more enticing to work with than the former, but don’t just look at the value in isolation. Take a good look at the terms and conditions and what qualifies you for a commission.  While on the surface an offer might look good, it is ultimately the results that determine if you continue with a program or move on. Make sure you track all your campaigns in detail and make decisions based on the actual results. 

  • Keep It Natural

Once you have signed up with an affiliate program it is important that you do not spam your links all over the web to achieve the highest returns possible. 

Keep things natural and ideally only use your affiliate program links when you have a genuine recommendation that they should buy. If you do this, it will be beneficial for both parties and you will get the highest returns possible from your marketing efforts.

You’ll also connect more with your target audience. And this will translate to more sales and more referrals. 

Deciding Which Affiliate Marketing Programs To Join

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there and it can be difficult knowing which ones to choose. The best thing is obviously to find a niche where you know people will buy certain products and then only use the affiliates for this area.

Again, your choice will depend on your target audience and your level of expertise. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Pay Per Click

Selecting your niche and knowing the products/ services you wish to promote is the first step. Once that is done, it’s time to look for new affiliate programs with decent returns, and that’s where commissions come in.

The common narrative every self-proclaimed expert will sell you is – go for programs with the highest commissions. Which is the right thing to do, no? 

Yes and not, as you should see the bigger picture. A program could be offering high commissions, but on products with low sales. Or low commissions on products with high sales.

That, therefore, means that, apart from high commissions, you should also consider the Average Order Value (AOV); which is basically the average amount customers spend on the products you’re selling. The other key metrics to evaluate the value of the commission amount are the conversion rate and EPC. 

  • Program Competitors 

Check out your brand’s competitors and join their affiliate programs, too. Doing so will help you give your audience a variety of offers to choose from. And that will also likely increase the conversion rate. As a bonus, you’ll also be rewarded with a stronger customer base.

Resist the urge to shy away from affiliate programs used by your competitors hoping to reduce competition. Instead, go for ones with even more competitors. You’ll likely stumble upon more lucrative opportunities here. 

  • Target Audience 

Just a quick one – Who is your target audience? What do they want? How well do you know them? 

Successful affiliate marketers promote what their target audience desire. And that means working with the right affiliate programs. First, know your target audience. Identify their needs and be as specific as possible while at it. The secret weapon here is creating customer profiles and seeing them as real people. Once your customer is well-defined, you can move to choose the right affiliate program. 

One way to do it is by directly asking for the opinion of your customers. This only works if you have an already existing customer base. If you don’t, then social media will come in handy. Study-specific groups and identify customer problems. Find affiliate programs that solve the problem and voila! Alternatively, you can also draw inspiration from your competitors.

  • Vendor Support     

Technical hitches are inevitable. You’ll be better off with a vendor with an active customer support system that comes to your aid whenever you need them to. The peace of mind that comes with such is out of the world.

You, therefore, want to check that your chosen affiliate program has an active vendor program that is prompt and efficient. Ensure you have multiple ways of reaching support, including email, live chat, even live call. 

You also want to check out their available marketing materials and their quality. Think of how you can use these for better performance. 

Most importantly, check out the vendor’s cookie period. Most customers tend to be skeptical to buy on the first visit. You, therefore, want to make sure they’re still going to be attributed to you if they return at a later stage to make the purchase. The longer they’re tracked, the better your commission potential. 

  • Product prices 

There is a general belief that highly-priced products are hard to sell. And, that most buyers tend to go for low-priced goods. That is not entirely true. Instead of the prices, your biggest concern should be the problem your products will solve for people. If yours will solve a problem experienced by most buyers then you’ll more than likely make more sales. 

Another way to look at it is – dealing with both low-priced and high-priced products means having a wide range of products for the buyers. Which will most likely lead to more sales. Also, should you come across vendors offering recurring commission (every time a buyer returns to make a purchase), take it. You’ll make some extra income. 

  • Quality 

For a long-term affiliate marketing success, you must never compromise on the quality of the products in question. Before promoting a product, check out the user reviews online. Online forums are a good place to find what experience buyers have been having with the product. Also, check the product return rate. A high return rate could mean a product is somehow of low quality. 

Remember, quality products will give you a good reputation, which is a key aspect of successful affiliate marketing, don’t compromise on it. But, quality goes beyond products. You also want to check on the quality of publishers an affiliate program is working with. The easiest way to know this would be to look at their evaluation process. How easy is it to get on board? Do they allow just anyone? That could tell you a thing or two. 

  • Relevance

We can’t stress this enough – only go for products that are relevant to your niche. Obvious as it may sound, we tend to overlook this. Promoting products relevant to your niche also builds the buyers’ confidence in you. It somehow portrays you as an expert in the field.

Be creative while at it. For instance, if yours is a blog dealing with computer maintenance products, then instead of just promoting these products, you could also promote computers, computer accessories, and such. 

  • Upsells 

You probably have experienced this before – you make a purchase online and the vendor suggests other packages at the initial purchase. For instance, if you’re purchasing spare parts for your car, you may receive a package for car insurance.

As an affiliate, upsells are a source of extra income. Your commission increases when the buyer purchases the extra package. Be on the lookout for new affiliate programs with such opportunities and seize them. 

  • Vendor reputation 

Every business must start from somewhere. Vendors are no exception. While working with startups is okay, well-established vendors with a clean track record would be even better. Do a proper background check before settling for one. 

This is no reason to turn a blind eye to new affiliate programs offering excellent rates, though. 

Be sure to check out a vendor’s affiliate marketing network to have a glimpse of their conversion metrics. This data will give you an idea of how the merchants are converting their visitors into sales. New vendors don’t have such. If you can, give them some time before signing up. 

  • Passion

Be your first client. Sell to YOU first!

Ensure you only sell what you like. This way, it will no longer feel like a job but some kind of a hobby that gets you paid. You’ll work even harder and witness even better results. Where possible, promote products you’ve had a personal experience with. If you’ve never used the product, research about it. Read what other users’ experiences have been with it. Completely familiarize yourself with the product that you get to love it.  Bottom line? Go for affiliate programs promoting products that you are passionate about. 

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