Everything About Top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program can be considered an arrangement between a merchant who wants to promote their products/services and an individual or a business (blog, educational website, etc.) who performs marketing and promotional activities and in return, receive a commission for generating new business. The affiliate typically works through an intermediary i.e., an affiliate program. The most common way the affiliate refers prospects is by adding links to their website which redirects visitors to the merchant’s website’s landing page or sales page, thereby helping them generate more leads or sales. The payment to affiliates varies from program to program and even from offer to offer. Some cryptocurrency affiliate programs pay per lead and some when a conversion takes place. All in all, if the affiliate site can generate more leads or make more sales, they get paid for their efforts. In this article, we will explore more about top cryptocurrency affiliate programs. 


What Is a Crypto Affiliate Program?  


The term top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program is self-explanatory. As discussed, affiliate marketing involves promoting a merchant’s product or service and helping them in generating more leads or sales. In the case of a cryptocurrency affiliate program, the product or service that you as an affiliate will be promoting are various products and services related to cryptos that are supplied by the merchant. It could be any crypto company trying to increase its market presence, exposure, and sales. 


For instance, let’s consider the example of a popular crypto hardware wallet called Trezor. It is a reliable hardware wallet to store your crypto safely. If this company decides to increase its sales, it might look for a top cryptocurrency affiliate network through which it can promote its product. Ideally, they will want to work with a crypto affiliate network, because they have the knowledge, expertise, and an existing affiliate base that is familiar with crypto. Trezor, in this case, would be the merchant, and the crypto affiliate program or network will be able to provide offers to their affiliates, who will then market the product to their audience. We can consider this a cryptocurrency affiliate program as it involves the promotion of crypto products or services.       


Why Join Top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs?  


Before learning more about top crypto affiliate programs, let’s understand the overall potential of the crypto market and if putting your time and efforts into this space is worthwhile. Why is this important? In affiliate marketing, choosing your industry and niche is essential. You should always pick a niche that can deliver good returns and is poised for exponential growth.    


In just over a decade, since the inception of cryptocurrencies, the progress made, and the milestones achieved by the crypto market is mind-boggling. A phenomenon that started with a simple 9-page whitepaper of Bitcoin in 2009 is now responsible for a multi-trillion-dollar industry. With thousands of different cryptocurrencies, hundreds of crypto exchanges, and hundreds of billions in daily trading volume, the crypto market is making an unignorable impact in the finance and digital worlds. 


More assets and high trading volume translate into numerous potential opportunities. There is no other market globally that has made more millionaires in less time than the crypto market. Of course, there is a flip side to it where hundreds of thousands of people lose money at the same speed, trying to make quick bucks by trading. However, we are interested in top crypto affiliate programs where there are significant profits to be made when done correctly. 


Who Offers these Crypto Affiliate Programs? 

The estimated number of cryptocurrency users has experienced exponential growth.  Bitcoin reached an all-time high value (~$64,000) in April 2021 and many altcoins experienced significant triple-digit growths.  This impressive growth has attracted many new people but how do these participants enter the crypto market? By using the relative products and services offered by crypto companies. 


For instance, to trade the crypto market, you would open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange or a broker. It is a platform for buyers and sellers to trade cryptos and take advantage of the price fluctuations. Almost all the major cryptocurrency exchanges have an affiliate program to increase their market presence and encourage more people to trade cryptos. Key players in the cryptocurrency affiliate program space are crypto affiliate networks, like Algo-Affiliates, that work with many merchants to provide their affiliates with a single portal with access to a host of options and offers to promote. Some of the other affiliate offers, besides crypto exchanges, are service providers like soft & hard wallets, crypto casino websites, crypto betting platforms, trading signals, crypto education, and much more. 


Maximizing Your Profit with Top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs


Using a few best practices, you can make a profitable income by working with top crypto affiliate programs. We have listed a few of those practices below:


The Choice of Merchant: Deciding on which merchant to promote is crucial. Picking the right crypto exchange/wallet/casino to promote is vital for success. Ensure that the product you are promoting has credibility in the market and is not a scam. You can also pick the ones that you think are poised for good growth too. This is crucial as one bad merchant you may promote, could spoil the trust you have built with your followers.       


Use the Power of Social Media: There are many free and paid tools in the market right now for affiliates to promote crypto offers. Make sure to use all the popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc., to spread the word and speed up the lead generation process. Use attractive and relevant jargon to grab the attention of specific target markets. In this way, you can increase the click-through rate which will eventually translate into more conversions.     


Utilize The Promotional Materials Supplied: A key feature of a top cryptocurrency affiliate program is the variety and amazing material they provide to help you market the crypto products and services. Using high-quality and optimized creatives and marketing material creates a great impression among your followers and when you appear professional, it adds credibility to your website/channel, which in turn improves conversions. 


Focus On the Pros Only: Many affiliates do the mistake of defending the less-than-optimal merchants while promoting them. It will help if you don’t do that. The best thing to do is to avoid highlighting too many cons and focus on the pros. If the merchant is of poor quality, don’t promote them, it will not serve you well in the medium to long term and may damage the trust you have built with your audience. Amplify the good things your merchants do and how they are way too better than their competitors. Promote their USP and let your followers know that signing up with your merchant makes their life easier. 


Exploit Robust SEO Opportunities: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective way to grow your organic leads. They are the ones who are using search engines for the crypto products and services offered by merchants, and as such, they are searching for and reading about them. There are many effective SEO practices that you should master to achieve success while working with top cryptocurrency affiliate programs. 


How Much Can You Earn with a Top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program?

As per PayScale‘s recent report, the average earnings of affiliate marketers are about $51,000 per annum. The top 10% with top performance have earned more than $71k, and the bottom 10% have earned about $37k. Another credible source – Glassdoor has published numbers that are even more attractive with potential earnings of over $100k. These numbers vary from industry to industry. For example, luxury companies reserve more funds for their affiliate programs when compared with a coffee company. 


The numbers mentioned above apply to crypto affiliate programs as well. You can easily earn these figures and much more when working as an affiliate with any credible, fast-growing crypto company. The earnings potential here doesn’t have any limit because of the nature of the cryptocurrency business, the growing market, and new products and services that are constantly being developed. For instance, one of the popular crypto exchange referral compensations involves a share of 50% commission for a lifetime. So, there is no limit on how much you can actually earn while being an affiliate for top crypto companies.       


What Are the Challenges Involved?


Lack of support from the affiliate program: Many of the crypto affiliate programs and networks tend to neglect their affiliates. They don’t help the affiliates clarify important questions about terms and conditions, payouts, effective platform suggestions, etc. They expect the affiliates to take responsibility for everything as they are getting paid. It is extremely hard to promote a brand when you aren’t sure of important things or don’t get the assistance you need. This is why working with a top cryptocurrency affiliate program like Algo-Affiliates is vital. Algo-Affiliates places a huge emphasis on support and helping their affiliates achieve.      


Opaque: Many top crypto affiliate programs lack transparency. The terms won’t be clear, the tracking process won’t be optimal, and affiliate earnings are not updated with accuracy. We have also observed that a few affiliate programs scam people with many hidden terms. It is for this reason that it is vital to read the terms and conditions and understand them before committing to working with a crypto affiliate program. The last thing you want is to put in time, money and effort, and be expecting a great commission, only to be told excuses why they won’t pay you. Also, in the same breath, when you understand what you are allowed and not allowed to do, it will help avoid these situations. In essence, the agreement and the terms help everyone to play by the rules.       


Payment issues/delays: Although top crypto companies pay well, they outsource their affiliate programs to third-party networks. Some of these networks intentionally delay the payments for various reasons. This is one of the primary concerns for any affiliate who puts their blood, sweat, and tears into promoting the merchant’s brand.  Once again, it is vital to work with a reputable and reliable affiliate network like Algo-Affiliates, who make sure that their affiliates get paid on time, every time. 


Lack of planning & execution: It takes a lot of planning and proper execution to achieve success while doing affiliate marketing. Constant engagement is required to embed the merchant’s brand among your followers. Also, it is important to follow an effective process to track your progress, correct the mistakes and optimize the way you promote the offers, which can be extremely challenging. Not to forget, of course, the creative aspect involved during this entire process.       


Limited scope: As an individual affiliate, you can sign-up for many top crypto affiliate programs, however a key component to being successful as an affiliate is building a relationship with your affiliate manager. If you work with too many programs, this can limit the scope of your earnings and exposure. In many cases, it will benefit you to rather work with a cryptocurrency affiliate network, which will give you the ability to promote many different brands all through a single portal. For example, let’s say there are 10 brands you wish to promote. If you choose to work with 10 individual affiliate programs, you will need to manage 10 different relationships, wait for 10 payments each month, etc. Now, let’s assume you get 100 conversions per month, these will be split across the 10 brands which means you may not qualify for higher commissions because each program is getting a small slice of the pie. On the other hand, if you work with a network, and you are providing 100 conversions per month, irrespective of how many brands, it gives you a lot of leverage to request higher commissions because it’s all going through a single network.  


Do It the Algo-Affiliates Way

Algo-Affiliates is one such network with a service that is unparalleled to any other affiliate network. They have partnerships with over 150 credible and reputed brokers and crypto exchanges across the globe. Algo-Affiliates provides their affiliates with well-optimized, banners, landing pages, email templates, and more, plus a robust back-office tracking and reporting platform. With reliable and quick responding customer support, you can never get stuck with Algo-Affiliates as they always tend to respond and provide quick resolutions. Getting paid with Algo-Affiliates is never an issue because an automated system disburses all the payments with zero delays.


The world of cryptocurrencies is evolving with light speed, and millions of dollars are being spent on advertising crypto products and services. Joining any top cryptocurrency affiliate program, such as Algo-Affiliates,  is a great way to enter this market and make a sizable income. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Algo-Affiliates now.