Affiliate Programs Reviews – Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate programs reviews can tell a person a lot about different affiliate programs. If you are an avid affiliate marketer looking to grow your income, you will definitely want to check reviews from other affiliate marketers. This will give you a better understanding of how the program works in general and make it easy for you to decide whether joining the program is a good step forward or not. 

The concept behind affiliate marketing is excellent. You promote someone else’s products and services, and you get paid a commission for every successful sale. It’s a performance-driven marketing model that works well for all the parties involved and merchants big and small. 

For budding businesses, because it’s performance-based, they can create an affiliate program and only pay for actual results, plus they can focus more on building their product instead of trying to do all the marketing themselves. Experienced affiliate marketers who keep their target audience in mind can generate a decent amount of money from affiliate marketing alone. 

Thought and strategy both play a critically important role in the success of your affiliate marketing campaign. There are several critical decisions that you will have to make before you even think about planning promotions i.e., finding a product that will resonate with your audience, finding a suitable way to promote, and then tracking your performance. 

Affiliate networks like ATraffic make it easy for marketers to choose from many offers from merchants in different niches, including finance, entertainment, gambling, dating, health and wellness, and many others.

If you are already an experienced affiliate marketer and are looking to take your game to the next level, there are several things that you can do. Of course, affiliate programs reviews will help you find the best programs. But you also need to know how to promote them properly. Here are some important tips to help you out. 

The Power of CTAs

One of the best ways to boost conversions is to use CTAs on your website. A call to action, commonly abbreviated as a CTA, is an incredibly powerful marketing tactic that you can use to elicit a response from your viewers and boost sales. A strategically placed CTA with well-written text can result in a significant increase in the performance of your marketing campaigns. 

To put it simply, a CTA is just a message that convinces readers to perform an action. It could be to buy a product, visit a landing page, sign up for a newsletter, or to sign up for a free trial. 

But, if you want your CTAs to convert, you need to make them engaging and compelling. This is the part where many affiliate marketers fail to put much effort. Writing a clear and concise statement is not as easy as it looks, particularly when you consider that you want the CTA to be brief but impactful. 

People don’t like guessing what they have to do next. They want explicit instructions, and they need to be told about the results. There are several different ways by which you can create powerful CTAs that are designed to convert. 

1. Focus on the Message

You need to critically evaluate every CTA on your blog or website. It should ideally meet two important criteria: 

  • It must be engaging.
  • It must persuade the reader to act.

A powerful CTA must have a persuasive message behind it, and it needs to draw the reader’s attention. In order to do that, you will have to figure out how to use the right words in your CTAs. The way you write and word your phrasing, both play an important role in the success of your CTAs. 

Ideally, you need to keep your audience in mind. For example, if you are creating a CTA for promoting financial affiliate offers, your audience is likely to be highly qualified towards finance products which means they would be more compelled to click on a CTA if it includes relevant jargon from the industry.

Some of the most high-performing CTAs are ones that contain positive emotions and words. You want people to feel positive after reading the CTA. More importantly, you need to be quite specific with the terms you use in your CTA. For example, with a free trial, instead of just writing “Start Your Free Trial,” you could replace the text with something more specific: “Start Your 30-Day Free Trial.” As mentioned earlier, it’s about being clearer and providing accurate information while using as little space as possible. 

As with everything you do as an affiliate, you need to track the performance of everything you do, and even ideally doing A/B testing with your CTAs. Despite all the intuition you might have, the data will tell you what performs best. Ideally, you want to be regularly testing different CTAs to find the “sweet spot”. Remember that every extra percent of performance can translate into more conversions and commissions for you. 

Colors Play a More Important Role Than You Think 

The text you use in your CTAs is obviously quite important, but so is the presentation. The manner in which you present your CTAs can have a massive impact on your conversion rates. It’s important that you select the right colors when you are designing a CTA button. 

You need to find out which colors will contrast and work well on your website. Certain colors have negative connotations and don’t look good at all. For instance, using harsh red or shocking pink on your website is not a good idea. It’s only going to deter users, with many just scrolling past. Therefore, it’s important to understand that there’s no “strict” formula for selecting the right colors. What works for one website might not be a suitable choice for another. 

When selecting colors, you need to understand the emotions behind them. For instance, red usually evokes urgency in viewers. Blue, on the other hand, indicates safety and security. Then, you also need to consider the color contrast. Ideally, you want the CTA to stand out from the rest of the text. It should instantly catch your viewers’ attention. It needs to pop out from the body text, and that is only possible when you use contrasting colors.

For instance, if the background of the website is white, your CTA should be colored differently. Obviously, this is one area where you have a lot of room for flexibility. However, just like the text, you need to measure performance and make informed decisions based on data. Just remember to only change one element at a time when testing i.e., first test different text and then once you have a winner, try different colors. Changing the text and color while testing will produce unreliable data as you will not know if it’s the text or the color that is producing different results. 


Always Display CTAs in Prominent Spots

The third important thing you need to take into account is the location of your CTAs. The text and the colors are quite important, but so is the location. Where you place the CTA is going to play a fundamental role in its success. 

Most people usually read the first few lines of a blog, and then scroll down. They read something in the middle that catches their attention and move further down until they reach the conclusion. This creates what is known as the F-shaped pattern. It’s actually one of the most popular scanning patterns in the world.

Therefore, if you want your CTAs to perform really well, you need to place them at the very top of the blog. Ideally, placing them right after the introduction is a great idea. If you have a well-written introduction, you could easily drive conversions dramatically. In essence, you need to have at least 1 CTA above the fold of the page. 

But, if you really want to get a more comprehensive understanding of how your audience behaves on your blog, you might want to consider using a heatmap. Heatmap tools are a great way to figure out what areas of your page get the most amount of attention. 

More importantly, using CTAs excessively is not a wise idea on your website. If you have placed several CTAs close to each other, it’s very likely going to confuse your audience. You need to find the best place to put the CTA, and then draw your audience’s attention towards specific CTAs. 

Don’t be too worried about trying out different combinations. It’s also important that you carefully track conversions from your CTAs. Add an appropriate UTM link to your CTAs so that you can track the success of your CTAs. 

Use Only High-Quality Images 

When reading affiliate programs reviews, one of the things that you need to check is whether the program provides high-quality creatives. The images you use on your website play a much bigger role than you can think. If you are using subpar images that are zoomed out or pixelated, it’s definitely not going to instill any trust in your audience. 

More importantly, the images you use on your website can also play an important role in your overall site rankings. Google pays close attention to the quality and the number of images used on a website. If you are putting out new content, make sure it’s not just a wall of text. 

Break the text up by adding a few pictures here and there (don’t forget the alt text for the images for your SEO). If you are promoting an offer, you should always use high-quality images to draw user attention to specific points. This is important for several reasons. 

For starters, it shows that you are trying to present your content in a better way. Nobody likes reading boring walls of text; people like content that has been properly broken down and looks interesting. That is one of the main reasons why you need to use images.

More importantly, you need to be very careful about the resolution you use for the images. If the pictures seem blurry or pixelated, it just shows a lack of effort. Why would someone be interested in taking you up on an offer when they know that you are not even willing to put in some bare minimum effort in presenting the content correctly?

Higher quality images have a greater size, which could affect your page load times as well. When comparing affiliate programs reviews, you need to make sure that you choose a program that offers quality images and banners. If you are going to use images on your site, make sure they are your own or sourced from a royalty-free website. This will help you avoid any copyright-related issues. 

Using bridge pages as a part of your marketing strategy is also equally important. Bridge pages are slightly different from your conventional landing page, mainly because they are designed to warm up your traffic in anticipation of an offer. The aim is to presell to your audience so that they are primed and ready to purchase the affiliate product that you have to offer. 

When done effectively, bridge pages will help you close the gap between your offering and your prospects, allowing you to develop a better understanding between your users. 

The Value of Affiliate Program Reviews

Affiliate program reviews help you determine which affiliate programs are performing and which are not. Just because you have selected a program or network, or have been working with a program for years, it doesn’t mean you should not regularly explore other options. 

Take the time occasionally to read reviews and even forums to see what other affiliates have to say. A program you may have ruled out previously might have introduced new products, features, or commission models that may now be relevant for you. Affiliate program reviews will also give you insights into new trends that are emerging. In the digital world, changes happen very quickly and if you want to become a super-affiliate then you need to stay in tune with the market. Adapting to change is vital for success. 


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